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Saint paul minnesota where i live where the city is still trying to figure out of hosting the super bowl was really good idea for the city you're not because a pole of visitors found about a quarter of the feno no interest ever again visiting the twin cities in winter this after experiencing belowzero temperatures are in much of the super bowl week the game was in a heated heated the arena but well that's been a lot of time outside one thing for sure the state and city certainly made out they collected taxes from the eagles and patriots paychex it's a rule here from the time the teams landed on january twenty eight they left on february fourth players and coaches were subject to state and local income taxes each player in the winning team earns one hundred ninety one thousand for playing loses got a hundred and 35 though more than seven percent of that will go immediately to minnesota tax coffers at doesn't include the tax so pay on their regular contract day the regular pay they get during those seven days they spent in minnesota got to tell you if i were pro football guy robert marya i'd i'd want those who proposed be held him states with no income tax like nevada or florida texas they look a lot more tractor lester that's a big issue allsports much as football player all in particular by i did see something of the hotels were happy as i believe the stat was something moran ninety nine percent occupancy rate during super bowl i don't know why that while the one percent was wasn't full but in the race huge you're exactly they made an awful lot of many dealers rate up charts a good luck to the general manager or the program dorota save there the gentle manner the hotels trying to match they numbers next year for pasture but they made me feel all transfers going on we're are trying to become deputy trying to come get me too busy to have dinner in the east coast them just worried that uh my my pale be tax during the two days on there on who had pipped that's got him yet they call them duty day is there something the daily round playing at none of them practice day amount the money on in my pocket where we have come up mary irate for our two of our weekly travel get together today we will head over to.

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