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In Texas is continuing a decades old legacy. The story from KFI TV reporter destiny Richards has sixteen year old Tyler Paul makes the transition from boy scout eagle scout. He's also carrying on a one hundred year old family legacy. The my brother was an eagle scout. My father was an eagle scout. And so there is a long legacy within our family. Four eagle scouting Tyler's. Mother says the scout program has helped him grow in character. And leadership Tyler believes, no matter. The generation the journey to eagle scout is never ending and about how you can continue to serve others. He has this advice for future generations of eagle scouts, don't quit. And just keep keep going. Make sure you keep going. There's been a call for a recount of the votes in the presidential election in Congo by the Southern African Development community, a runner-up says it was rigged Martin says he defeated Victor chassis the declared winner and President Joseph Kabila were. Encodes Gary Nunn, CBS news. Hild disposal. That's one of the stories. We're following on AM seven sixty thousands of pills from Mexico or off San Diego County streets. Casing Campadonia has more undercover. Federal agents arrested for people Monday saying they were supplied with ten thousand pills. That were smuggled through local ports of entry. The feds say the agents placed orders with a known drug trafficker in Tijuana for the pills called the press blues on the street officials say the pills were stuffing at two condoms, which were most likely used to smuggle the drugs into the United States. The union Tribune reports.

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