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Jane FBI. Based on that without sharing. We didn't. Is based on testimony today. Some of the FIS afoot knows democrat. Inconsistently testimony. The FBI knowing more about. So you you were in the deposition with with James Baker the first one in Uganda with him this upcoming Thursday. What do you want to get from James Baker this week? Well, first of all remember who this is this is this is the FBI chief counsel all kinds of things flow through him. So when he says that he believes rod Rosenstein was serious about this this this alleged statement about recording the president you gotta take that with the weight that it comes with because it's the it's the FBI chief counsel. So we're going to ask you more about that. We are previous deposition was cut off early. We we ran out of time. So we need him back in there where we're going to ask more about that specific meeting that took place, and then his conversations with people who were in that meeting. How those went and who all he talked to. So all those things need to be asked. And there's going to be more big breaking news tonight. We'll be breaking at nine eastern on Hannity on the Fox News channel. Now that was Jim Jordan and Mark meadows of the freedom caucus and those were their comments after they had a behind closed door meeting an interview with James Baker. We now know James Baker is under criminal investigation. He was the chief counsel to Jim commes FBI. Is deputy FBI director. We now know similarly Andrew McCabe is under a criminal investigation. And I think with the news that is going to break tonight on the Fox News channel, I think there's going to be a lot of other people that are going to be under a criminal investigation in pretty short order Suming that the new attorney general does does his job and joining us now to discuss this and much more Jim Jordan of Ohio and congressman Mark meadows of North Carolina. Welcome both of you to the program. John. Thanks so much. All right. So baker. Is the chief counsel commes top attorney the FBI he's under criminal investigation. As is his deputy FBI director. And I think after tonight we're gonna find that a lot of these people are really in a lot of trouble. But let's go specifically to what did we learn in the Baker interview that you had behind closed doors? Baker. Go ahead. No, go ahead. Jim. Jim Baker is the subject of the investigation in the by the US attorney in Connecticut that was news to us. There have been rumors of that. But he is the subject of an investigation. We sent a letter Mark. And I did earlier this week to the to Mr. Durham, the US attorney in Connecticut to find out what's going on here. We wanna know we think this is important information. So that's that's one of the big takeaways, and of course, the other one was that Jim Baker was getting information from a Perkins coup. We lawyer big democrat lawyer who represents the democrat party Mark Sussman and so those are to be when you got the chief counsel to the FBI who was the subject of an investigation and also who got information from the Democrats lawyer at Perkins coup and took that information and gave it to the investigators at the FBI and also the guy who's now pushing for this investigation to President Trump. I think that says a lot you said in your joint letter together that we know the DOJ FBI departed from traditional investigate. And prosecutorial practices and insufficiently adhered to the foreign intelligence service act Faiza the committee's learned that in some instances high ranking DOJ FBI officials, including the FBI general counsel James Baker, the DOJ associate deputy attorney general Bruce took the self-described unusual step of inserting themselves into the. Evidentiary chain of custody. And during the course of our investigation, we interviewed the former FBI general counsel Baker and discovered that your office is investigating him for unauthorized disclosures to the media, and you're asking for requests. Now, I'm beginning to get wind of the possibility that there is full on evidence that everybody knew what became the bulk of this application was fraudulent and that they knew what was bought and paid for and they used it. Then anyway. Never verifying corroborating knowing its origins that would mean anybody who signed off on a committed a conscious act of fraud against the Pfizer court. Wouldn't that be the case, Mark meadows? Well, it is a case, Sean, I think what what we're seeing. Now is is more and more information comes out. And Jim was exactly right. It's it's not only that you had the general counsel for the FBI James Baker. Getting information from a law firm that was representing the Democrat National Committee. But it was the way that they did it even in those those interviews we found that James Baker. Bruce, or they did things only in the investigation of this president that have never been done before. And so when you start to treat this president differently than all other other Americans, you know, that bias is creeping in and what we're finding is the predicate to the investigation to the FIS application was not only fraudulently done, but it was fraudulently renewed over and over and over again when they knew that it was a based on a dossier. That was not only unproven but parts of it were disproven. Problematic. So wouldn't that be that? If if now now, I don't know how you felt about the hearings yesterday, I had some mixed emotions. I do believe this was a witch on from the beginning. I think there's a lot of evidence to show that now we now know that they literally conspired at a whole cloth. The conspiracy that the firing of James Comey was collusion with the president and Vladimir Putin without a shred of evidence of any anything. And that there was retribution pieces put in place and insurance policy media leaks strategy, this is after we now know that the FBI what we really have here if we're going to get to the bottom line here, we have people that hated Donald Trump all of them, and what we had is they work together to rig the outcome of our two thousand sixteen election, fix the outcome of the two thousand sixteen election using their high positions to do so. And help lary Clinton get elected helper survive legally when she clearly obstructed Justice violated the espionage act and then used her bought and paid for Russian lies to hurt. Donald Trump is a candidate. And then hurt him as a president, which is now gone on for two years. Sean. Here's a look at it who in win. So the New York Times had their big story there blockbuster story that they said on on Friday. You gotta remember the who in the win who is the people we've been talking about Andy McCabe who is under investigation. Jim Baker is under investigation and Lisa page and Peter Struck who we know what the animus they had against the president. Those are the who why are they under investigation. Yeah. Well, maybe they will be we we don't we don't know. But those are the who. And then when did this happen it happened in those critical eight days between may ninth twenty seventeen. Jim Comey's fired in may seventeen twenty seventeen when Robert Muller's name a special counsel Komi gets fired their best pal Baker McCabe struck and page their best how Jim Komi gets fired. And now they're saying, oh, wait a minute. We're gonna launch an investigation into the president. We're we're gonna tie rod Rosenstein comes in that same week. What is rod Rosenstein, do just what we also learned from Jim baker's deposition rod Rosenstein threatens to wear a wire to record. The president is talking about invoking the twenty fifth amendment removing the president from office. This is happening at the highest levels of art department of Justice. Highest levels at the FBI. And this is what is so scary. And so dangerous, and it all happened in that critical eight days from people who way back the year before when they started this investigation had this extreme bias against the president. And we know that because we've seen the page and struck text messages, that's who these people had as extreme bias and two other people who were under investigation Apia Jim Bakker Baker, by the way, two of those four people were also fired by the FBI that is how bad it was. When did they know about the dossier, and what did they know about the dossier because? I'm getting some information that may prove that everybody knew the dossier was false from the get-go. But that means that they consciously presented a fraud before the Pfizer court. What would that mean for everybody, including Komi, Sally, Yates, rod Rosenstein, and the rest of 'em that signed off on it. If they knew that it was false, and that Clinton paid for it, and they committed a clear fraud a conscious fraud on the court. What would that mean for them? Well, I think that certainly you have the potential for criminal offenses at at one case. But here's what you also have, Sean. And I think that this is what is so troubling is the bias that went from opening up the investigation to treating Donald Trump differently. The bias that was inherent there that even went further that once they said, well, we need to cut down this this communication the way that we do that. Because Christopher Steele is no longer legitimate source. So what did they do? They went around it to the DOJ got Bruce or to actually perpetuate it. But then it didn't even end there. Sean, it went further what we believe. And what we have proof of is that that bias continued to try to imple- trait every aspect of this investigation, including and not limited to the molar investigation. That's going on. Now, you can you can look at some of the things that were happening back then. And different individuals certainly associated with the more investigation are tainted by that same bias. It's just problematic. Let's talk about. Bruce or met with Christopher Steele in July thirtieth you open the investigation. My hurricane the open investigation into President Trump at the end of July, July, thirty first we think people remember the FIS it defies. It. Doesn't happen. Deprecating doesn't happen until October October twenty first so Bruce doors Justice department, high officials already talking with Christopher Steele, the author of the dossier clear back the same time. They all and it goes it goes back, even it goes later than that too. Because remember the communications between Christopher Steele, Bruce, or where Christopher Steele is desperately trying to funnel information to Robert Muller through Bruce or and Bruce or seemingly based on the the exchanges. We've seen wants to give Muller the information that Christopher Steele who was fired for lying and leaking to Robert Muller without got. We've got numbers that proved that exactly right. All right. Stay right there. Well, more with Jim Jordan, Mark meadows..

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