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Nine Chicago cardinals. Fullback Ernie never sets an NFL record for the most points scored in a single game with all forty in the cardinals forty to sixty route of the Chicago Bears. Never had a record six touchdowns and four extra points this week in one thousand nine thirty four the Detroit Lions would host their first Thanksgiving Day game tradition. That continues today. This cargo bears beat Detroit nineteen sixteen. This game was also the first NFL game to be broadcast nationally as NBC radio. Aired the game on ninety four stations across the country this week in nineteen seventy-five Bobby ORR plays his last game for the Boston. Bruins. He missed the rest of the season due to a knee injury. In the next year. He signed with the Chicago Blackhawks and this week in two thousand thirteen and one of the greatest finishes in college football history. And with one of the longest running rivalries in college football history. The iron bowl Alabama lines up for what they hoped would be the game winning fifty seven yard field goal from Adam Griffith. But Chris Davis catches the ball at the. The back of the end zone and runs it all the way back to send Auburn to the victory. Thirty four at twenty eight. That's your iheartradio weekend sports time capsule. Senate Tonio breaking news, traffic, and weather NewsRadio twelve hundred w away. Every minute. Two hundred and fifty babies are born three violent crimes are committed in the United States. Fifty five thousand barrels of oil are used lightning strikes. The year three hundred sixty times five million tons of garbage will be created the national debt will increase by two million dollars. A lot can happen in a minute. So just think how much can happen in ten minutes. Get updated on your traffic and weather every ten minutes. Newsradio twelve hundred w away. Fox news. I'm Richard Jordan,.

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