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I might have been there for what are the bits this on, right? Start out bike IFP by guy be. Were you there by your job at that time? I was the key PA. There you go. It is just like the head PA. Right, but they use the word key. Yes, it's fun. It's fun. It makes me feel like I have the key to the production like the city. Yeah, you're the key person on the on the shoot. Yeah, either not sprinter and the drugs either litter. It's literally a key you have. I'm a key. You're a key open. Things are key, which means open, right? Let means right here. Are that means here. Wow, a my Spanish is not good, but we have a bicyc- clad. Bicycles, spanish. Anyway they are. Yeah. So the idea is very fun and there's a broken down bicycle and and people come over and the, you know, the job ask for help the way it wasn't as as a bicycle rider. It wasn't broken down. Just the front wheel was off. I consider that broken down. I prepared that in fifteen seconds. Whoa. I'm sorry, but that's how it goes. I, I wouldn't know how to do that. Danny you, you're, you're a bicycler love to ride my bike bicyclist bicycle, and you're talking to today with a busted lip from? Well, I fell off my bike. Riding my bike in Utah, and it'll slip and hit my face against the rock. That makes me that made me so sad when you told me that story, I appreciate that because I mean like you're such a, you know, dapper and gentleman. Thank you so that when I to see you in any pain, hurt my feelings, hurt it. Hurt to senior. Your face? Yeah, the hitting hitting a rock. I wouldn't recommend hitting a rock with your face to anybody. I mean, all all things considered, you still look good. They know your face went into Iraq. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, there was a lot of blood and with your family, I was with friends of mine, just France. They didn't wanna stop very long because they're still early in the day and they wanted to get their writing done. Wow, there. Those are bad friends. I would've done the same thing. All right. Well, first thing I said back visualize this at home, Danny green standing on the edge of a desk right now looking like, he's like, we're in a newsroom, very important news just a bucket in and you've been standing the entire time so far. This is this is how I bought guest. Danny green unleash. Cycling is a great name for a sport because it's just as it gets right to the water cycle in running wrestling August, her fitness swimming, great names. Yeah, ski jumping ski at once you get get rid of the balls. It's much easier than name these things. Anything with verb rock climbing? Yeah. Oh my God. He's a perfect name. I know a football doesn't even look like a foot. Then you have tennis. Yeah, tennis is owned by the ball tennis balls. So the bicycles broken down and people come over. That's obviously the crux of the bit. This is a great one because you you play on a person that's like, hey, you need some help. And then then that's like a good..

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