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On the transition of power for Boeing the new CEO will be David Calhoun he is currently a director on the board he's been there since two thousand and nine they'll be an interim CEO of having the transition that is Greg Smith the current CFO and that is really about who's been in the job who is being the face of this company throughout the crisis with the seven three seven Max which is now being grounded since much he will be out of the job Boeing said the press release that exported directors decided a change in leadership was necessary to restore confidence in the company moving forward a Saudi Arabian court has sentenced five people to death in the killing of Washington post columnist Jamal coup shogi in twenty eighteen correspondence to cast amount reports a member of the royal family believe connected here is not implicated though by the chorus Saudi court concluded that the five men committed the murder of Jamal could shogi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last year three others were sentenced to a total of twenty four years in prison for the roles they played in covering up the killing of the Washington post journalist that's according to a statement from Saudi Arabia's public prosecutor their investigation concluded that the murder was a mistake that they killed his Shoghi when it became too difficult to move him to another location the CIA concluded however that the crown prince Mohammed bin Sulayem ordered the killing I'm Steve casting down a United Airlines flight from Newark liberty International Airport flight twenty four twenty nine reported a mechanical issue after the Boeing seven thirty seven dash eight hundred took off from the airport this happen upon landing in Denver some passengers say sparks on the runway appeared as the flight landed the aircraft was taken out of service and is being inspected nobody hurt though the big trouble get away under way in course monetarily Kessler reports you may want to consider traveling off hours to try and avoid the big crunch if you travel at off hours four AM like this guy getting to LaGuardia airport is easy Bristol traffic this time there.

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