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That the squad available to at lady is really really quite something and of the spanish teams. He believes that they will be the favourite to. He's not saying they're going to but they will be the favourite amongst the spanish sites to win the whole thing. Well they're defending champs they've added antoine grease men who scored So let's look at the state that barcelona in right now realm address loss to sheriff terrorist bowl. Yeah so hardly. A hot take to sap at a madrid should be considered potential favorites. Yeah comprehensive win for liverpool boy. They look good in this one. I still maintain that of the english teams so far this season so far. They've looked like the best one on an eighteen. Game unbeaten streak haven't lost since they lost a real madrid back in the championship. Are april sorry. Andrew you can't. You can't praise liverpool without mentioning every other team and every other teams record and who they've played otherwise. I'm sorry that's biased. Oh by asandra apologies. No in all seriousness the They look very good. What was interesting. That came out of this one for me was Curtis jones who heating the calm. That he's only twenty. He didn't become the nearly man. But harry elliott seem to have supplanted him in as the young player the young and upcoming thing that's going to be in the starting eleven a. Now with with these injury to harvey elliott curtis. Jones is an opportunity to come back in and be that guy that you open coma player and he had a brilliant night portal. I taught i mean liverpool hammer portal regular in this competition. That's just a fact over the last few years Sergio conso. I think he took it too far. He said too many mistakes. He's the port manager too many mistakes endanger areas. Everything was bad but the responsibility is mine. Went for this andrew. It was a shameful disaster. That's that's andy. Hunter reporting in the guardian. That's too much don't shameful disaster. We liverpool are so far ahead to porto. I mean i guess. I guess five one is is a thumping five one home home. Defeat isn't good but Yeah no solid solid and I would agree with you. It was interesting. One thing i wanted to know from the weekend was of manchester city. Coming up looks. Like trent alexander. Arnold will not be fit So that's one weapon taken away from liverpool but it was interesting. I didn't get to mention it on mondays. Podcast how brentford targeted they targeted. Trent alexander arnold. Whenever they put across to the back post where he was they had three guys around him. It was like what was the detroit. Pistons did to michael jordan. Yeah where they would just around with guys so they obviously see a weakness there Which won't be exploited this week way manchester city or maybe exploited in his in his absence but anyway comprehensive from liverpool and we shall see what happens at the weekend as well but I can't be pleased by start. Liverpool of mitch. Twosies no absolutely and then finally one other. I wanted to mention here. Jj and that is buyer munich. What can we save. Munich to the mailbag. You wanna do. You wanna talk about them. Okay all right. Damn your mailbag. I just wonder if things are a little almost too easy for the right now. Okay just so a couple things on bar munich's fourteen the score. Eight or more goals and allows zero through their first two matchdays in champions league history. That's never happened before until now here jada here. The number of goals that byron have scored in their last seven matches across all competitions. Ready five three seven three four five twelve. They've scored thirty nine over their last seven competitions seven games in all competitions and they've conceded to thirty nine to two in their last seven games. This is dominance on an obscene level. they are coasting right now in a way that no one else is in any league and It is a joy to watch certainly. I'm sure if you're buying fan you've gotta just be loving every second of this. This is they are you know they are staking their claim once more that they should be considered the favorites to win this competition. I imagine they're they're in a group with barcelona and their toughest game will probably come against benfica when they look back at this group. You're right this does this. I mean it puts them as one of the favorites for this competition when you look at the other teams involved but you know and i'm sure they take motivation from the fact that all along. They've continued to be great in this current era of buyer munich and ps manchester city rightfully so those teams have risen to the top of the conversation of you know who the favorites are but like they believe that they their names should be mentioned when those teams names are mentioned as well. They believe they're that good and everything. They're showing us so far would indicate that they are okay. Okay we'll get normal. No no there's more munich to be doing later. Oh okay no yeah. You're right i do agree with you. That's a bit too easy now. What some stern opposition would be helpful at some point you know and they like we didn't i don't see where they're going to get it. Well i mean they might get in. The buddhists league.

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