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Aol aol. You're so disgusting. But you made a good point you know men can just keep on. Keep on get people pregnant. While we got pregnant phenomenon was like tim. We really carry a baby but whatever but so we got like one pregnancy a year amex right and then at forty five ish for most women. We can't get targeted. Right right in can literally keep speaking speaking of ronald eisley. It was a bunch of young bitches. Try get pregnant by. mister bigs. recently after the versace. He's almost a good while. Have more babies if he wanted to. He sure can and his wife is only like five years old at us so she can still had babies. She's like in her forties and she gets so one. I found a feminist pose and it was very interesting because it says one man can impregnate women everyday phenomena those two thousand four hundred thirty pregnancies while woman can only get pregnant once with an even as she bids nine men everyday within months. That's only one practice so clearly. Society is placed in berkeley responsibilities on the wrong gender. Science is busy Altering devices for the wrong person and know that they've been trying over the past few years you know to get Male birth controls pass. But let's say okay now it's passed. I feel like we can get this vaccine. You know and a year we can get some mail birth control like why the fuck is it taken so long because they really don't wanna put the staff on the men they just want to tell women what to do. Tell us no. You can't get an abortion. But they're not telling these motherfuckers know uson keep going having how many babies dick how many babies half a year ten thousand four hundred thirty.

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