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7 12. It is Alabama's Morning news. I'm JT glad to have you along this morning. Joining us now Michael Bauer for an update on what's happening with the All Star game from the other side of the fence, Not the game itself. But politically. What's going on, Michael. Welcome back in. Did you happen to catch the home run Derby last night? Watch all of the JT. I hadn't been excited to watch a home run Derby for a while now. And as of course, without having one last year, I was excited to sit down and watch it. Watch every last bit of it with my daughters yesterday. I watched it too. And I'll tell you what. I was pretty pumped up about it as well. What I liked not only you know Peter Alonso winning back to bag which was kind of cool. Uh, he had the most home runs by the way around. 1. 35 home runs. Incredible. I mean, the guys are based monster unstoppable. I mean, just incredible. He wanted beat Trey Mancini in the final by one home run 23 home runs to 22 home runs, but the crowd last night. I mean the place was packed. Yeah. Those tickets sell on average for $17 more than the actual All Star game. Tickets go for so more people are interested in going to the home runner. It's one of the things talking with my daughter's last night, said Boy, I'd love to go to a home run Derby. I don't even care so much about the All Star game. I just want to go to a home run Derby sometime before I die, So that's one of the things on my bucket list now. You know, I'm the same way and I actually said earlier this morning. I'm not sure they're gonna have that big of a crowd for the game tonight and and and, well that many people watch on television as they did last night, and I kind of I'm kind of with you on that. I love seeing the couches, the leather couches they had lined on the the baselines for the families and the kids all over the place, and it looks just like one big party and everybody just having a great time. Including the fans. I mean, these fans were just going crazy for this so good stuff, but let's back up just a minute and talk about remembering why they actually have this whole event. In Colorado, not Georgia. It's all about the voting rights, right? Yeah. You saw the ad that everything ran last night will be more that run tonight during the All Star game, and I watched it. I don't recall seeing the anti to go back and watch it again this morning. I don't know if I didn't miss it at the memorable enough for me to recall, but it was definitely an ad that you've seen from the National Republican Senatorial Committee who wants to stop down for a second. Say, Hey, the game you're watching here in Denver. Wasn't supposed to be in Denver. It was supposed to be in Atlanta, Georgia. Let's not forget that part of this all. And they kind of highlight there that the the economic impact of the movie blaming the radical left won't crowd and saying specifically Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock, a Democrat, that they help have this happen where you stripped away. What is at least estimated. I still think this is an undercut $100 million that was going to be out there boosting Georgia's economy, and you shifted that over to Denver, Colorado, and in an interesting move, JT I kind of felt like the commercial was actually painting Major League Baseball is maybe Somebody that lost down this like they were in unfortunate in this particular instance. And that's not how I remember Major League baseball making the decision back in April. This is clear that this is a move towards trying to win back some of the Georgia Senate seats that were lost in January. That's clear. Warmack is going to be up for re election in November. 2022. Yes, he was just elected in January, but because he's taking the seat that was held By the retiring senator Johnny Isakson. He's up for reelection in 2022. So this is all definitively trying to win back some of those seats for Republicans. But the controversial laws that came up from Georgia and started everything back in April. Put the route the Democrats are putting all kinds of pressure on the Coca Cola. Well, here's the thing. You know, Michael, the so called controversial laws are controversial only to the Democrats. In this situation here. The same thing happens here in Alabama. It's not about the dying people voting rights. It's denying people more or less ability to cheat. We make it so easy for people to vote. In this state here and for them to tighten things up based on what happened with the last election and just make sure are we good with the transparency? First of all, are we good with how people vote? Are we minimizing the potential risk for fraud and cheating? That's the goal. It's not about denying people the right to vote. Democrats are up in arms. Because you're you're closing the doors on potential problems and fraud and cheating because, you know, look, we want anybody to mail in a ballot in Colorado. They say they haven't had any problems with these mail in ballots. And they're all about mailing in Denver. But for the major League Baseball organization to get political that's highly unusual. They don't usually get into politics. In fact, if anything, they lean, more conservative, Historically speaking. Well, and I think that's probably part of the key that that struck me with this ad was they were kind of painting them as somebody who is a victim in this situation, and I never saw them as a victim of the situation at all. In fact, what Ali this is controversial or not. The U. S Department of Justice filed a suit against Georgia over these restrictions. So there's more of that become. We're going to see more drama coming from this all but at the end of the day. When you look back at what Broad man for, the commissioner said it sure didn't seem like a victim moment. He talked about how he talked with all the players in this league how he talked with the unions for the players in the league. How we talk with the players Alliance. I've never even heard of that. JT, the organization of Black Brown formed after the death of George Floyd, and then he came out and said Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans. And opposes restrictions to the ballot box. That doesn't sound like a victimization to me..

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