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From NPR News in Washington. I'm Amy held the one shot Johnson and Johnson. Covert 19 vaccine is back. NPR's Windsor Johnson reports. The U. S lifted the suspension. After examining reports of rare blood clots. A CDC advisory panel voted to resume the use of the single dose vaccine nearly two weeks after the FDA suspended the shots. CDC director Dr Rochelle Walensky says the benefits of the J and J vaccine outweigh the extremely low risk of blood clots. The science supports this news, and I know that this is welcome news. For many, as many have wanted the Johnson and Johnson vaccine to fill an important need in vaccination efforts here and around the world. The FDA says a causal relationship between the vaccine and blood clots is plausible. In response, the agency says it will add a warning label, noting that most cases have occurred in women between the ages of 18 and 49. Windsor Johnston NPR news Early this morning, A space X capsule docked at the international space Station. MPR's child, Snyder, reports on a voyage filled with firsts for astronauts arrived at the international Space Station aboard a space X crew capsule that's already made the trip once before capture complete welcome toe. I assess We're so excited to have you aboard space station commander Shannon Walker welcoming the four astronauts joining the crew of the orbiting outpost. They represent the U. S. France and Japan. And include American Shane Kimbrough and Megan McArthur. Not only did they arrive on a recycled capsule, they were also propelled into space by a previously used rocket booster. There are now two space X capsules docked at the I s s another first the newcomers air, replacing for astronauts who will return to earth and one of them on Wednesday. Kyle Snyder. NPR news in North Carolina Several sheriff's deputies are on leave or have resigned after the fatal shooting of a black man on Wednesday. NPR's Sarah McCammon reports from Elizabeth City. The actions come after Andrew Brown Jr was shot and killed on Wednesday morning, while passport take county sheriff's deputies were carrying out a search and arrest warrant in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The sheriff's office is seven deputies have been placed on leave, while state law enforcement officials conducted investigation. Officials say Three other deputies have resigned, though they say those departures are not related to the fatal shooting past weekend, County Sheriff Tommy Wooten says his deputies were wearing body cameras at the time. Members of the Elizabeth City Council have voted unanimously to ask the sheriff and other officials to release that footage. Sarah McCammon NPR NEWS Elizabeth CITY, North Carolina Investigators in Tennessee are looking into another fatal police shooting. It happened overnight in Nashville during a traffic stop. Body. Camera footage shows a man getting out of his car and the officer demanding he drop the knife. After briefly running away, the man turns toward the officer who fires three shots. It's NPR news. This is 19.9. W bur. I'm Sharon Brody in Boston. Now that the CDC has lifted the paws on the Johnson and Johnson Cove in 19 vaccine, the single shot doses will again be administered in Massachusetts. States Department of Public Health is notifying healthcare providers. New Mass Boston Professor Laura Haman is a nurse and is a disease prevention researcher, she says, and efforts underway to assure people the vaccine is safe. I am worried about hesitancy in certain groups of individuals. We're working as hard as we can to get the message out about the importance of being vaccinated. This state reports more than 2.1 million residents are fully vaccinated. Students, faculty and staff at Boston College will need to be fully vaccinated before they're returned to campus for the fall semester. BC is joining several other area colleges with vaccination requirements. Those schools include Boston University, Northeastern and Emerson. Striking nurses and the owner of ST Vincent Hospital in Worcester will resume contract talks next week after a long standoff. ST. Vincent Nurses have been on strike since early March. On Monday, the Massachusetts Nurses Association in the hospital owner tenant will work through a mediator for the first time in weeks. Sagamore Bridge.

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