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To print out these guns. Well that's that's code. Yup and yet they're they're going to be coming out at least. Atf is going to be going after the eighty percent manufacturers and people doing that. Oh they already have. I mean i heard somebody's eighty percent business already got raided came in looking for everything and basically the only reason they weren't able to be prosecuted. Was that all the pieces. That would make up an eighty percent kit. We're all separated. And they're like they're not kits until we ship them out so there's going to that was that was the thing about that case when it when it came to right like you can. You can have all the pieces in two separate orders But the minute you put them all together now you have a fire under the funniest thing. Is that like it's such. It's such a fundamental right the second amendment and but the the way the atf. Does things is. It's literally just semantics. Is this a pistola rifle. Well it depends on the cereal. 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Service join newscasts for april of i. I might clifford and that's no joke. Florida foam workers rights groups. Say it's urgent and former workers be deemed essential and governor rod. The sentences covid nineteen vaccine. Roll up plan the grips with their views in a letter to the governor in january calling for better health care for farm workers and asking that all incoming temporary nonimmigrant workers arrived vaccinated or be vaccinated. I in the us blanco with guatemalan. Maya center says they also want to see an expansion of covid nineteen testing sites since many are inaccessible to these works. If the health department would provide the vaccines and a mobile clinic. We'd be able to have volunteers registered nurses that we already have contacted and we'd have all the translators and we'd just go directly to the field and vaccinate. The farmworkers blanco says those opposition. Assume farm workers won't want to be vaccinated or that doses company kept cold enough in mobile settings according to the guatemalan maya center. Six hundred farmworkers families regularly tested for covid nineteen one night a week had a thirty percent infection rate on a savage reporting prosecutors wednesday showed footage from minneapolis police officer derek chauvin body camera publicly for the first time that is the third day of testimony. And show wtn's murder. Trial brought more anguish from witnesses. Who said they wish they could have saved. George floyd that the washington post the post reports earlier wednesday at teenage store clerk testified that this could have been avoided if you take a counterfeit twenty dollar bill. Floyd also a neighborhood resident started sobbing while rewatching floyd's cries for. His mother told the court. I feel helpless. I understand him. Parts of a bill embroiled in what could be the largest bribery scandal in ohio history. Soon we'll be repealed some groups. Say the job's not yet finished. Ohio energy customers were footing the bill for millions of dollars in subsidies for the states to nuclear power plants under twenty nineteen house. Bill six not long. After the passage the bill was linked to a bribery investigation involving public officials. Now governor mike dewine soon we'll sign how spill one twenty eight removing subsidy and lowering utility rates jason smith with aarp ohio contends. There's more work to do. How feel six also included a new costly writer for the ohio valley electric company to support asian coal plants including one in indiana that doesn't even benefit ohio. Consumer this is really unfair policies. Senator one seventeen which had its first committee. Hearing yesterday would stop those subsidies and refund ratepayers. Some opponents claim repeal could job creation or economic development but supporters say the subsidy benefits the utility. And not the ratepayers. 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