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Think that's a great spot. More likely than not more people will see your fight when you're fighting on espn on the prelims. As opposed to the pay per view. How did you take that did you. Did you even care at all. It's like people were offended on your behalf. At least on. Twitter offended on your. How dare they put him on the road. I mean i got. That's nice are nice to people. It is all explained to these people right now. The politics behind that position. That's actually like you said area. Probably the most senior position on the entire fight card. The most is on me. Like i said i've had a pretty decent off so let's give me in front of a lot of is is what i'm thinking of. Excuse me at the same time being in the prelims an ego city. I really am really like. I'm not real attached to my eagle at this point i i know what i am. I know the things that i have accomplished. It doesn't affect me to be seen more. And i will be seen more like more. People will tune into that will carling on right before the meeting card ceremonies watching that one. Because it's the end of the prelims to and it's kind of like the leadoff hitter baseball. I look at it everybody's back that's usually the The fight that people wanna see almost every single time. They put these cards together. I'm excited to be in that position of and to not be on the main card like i said i don't get paid more if london card i get you know. None of us fighters get paid any different. Whether one of the main carter prelims so if people want to stand up for anything stand up for that stand up for it off. The guys on the main card paid in the most money. I guess if that's something to stand for really. I get paid the same regardless of on on the bottom of the prelims the top of the navy bit. I'm on set contract so really what matters is getting in front of the most is and i believe that position gets more is in any other retire fight car. It's logical When you won the bantamweight championship in wc even when you came over to ufc case. Kenny hadn't even debuted yet. You've been doing this since two thousand five. You're at during your sixteen pro year. How much longer do you want to do this for. You still enjoying it as much as as as you did back. Then i do. Enjoy it I don't have an answer. For how much longer do this. I just take it one fight at a time right now. I i like you hear so much at my body feels good. I feel good. I'm over to the practices. Getting through the camps. A three round camp was much easier to get through the fiber. Can't tell you that now like much easier it. It's not even comparable because those extra to ten minutes of fighting in camp. I mean you actually ends up. Being used to fights ed's being fifteen minutes because you've got to do six rounds. Prepare for five four rounds to prepare three so In that's camp that's in just practicing so I don't have an answer from the song. Do this but i feel really good. My body to this fight healthy with no life. Things no injuries. So that's a i. I got a little baby of my eye. But it's healed and i just want to go out there and do my job you know and find. Nc the truth what would a blessing to be able to see the truth where nobody can cancel anybody because feelings hurt then. What a great thing. That's why we do this. And lastly a. Casey did an interview with may junkie. Recently any talked about how you are calling. One of his early fights don't know if it was his debut but certainly early in his career and you were critical of his wrestling but he did eventually get taken out. He said he gives you props. You called it like you saw it. But he has used that criticism as motivation him. Up against the cage has wrestling you calling fight. And you were saying that he needs to do x y and z from these. Use that as a little motivation to do even remember that a and b. Do you think he has gotten better at that aspect of the game since his early running. Ufc if i'm doing my job until in the troops like zach that's the thing about the sport you tell the truth i if i offended to. That's not my intention. My intention is to tell the truth. This i just like i said the whole time and this is the game. We play this what i love. I told my truth. He didn't go into that. What did he do he took it. Like water off the duck's back. It rolled off. He made adjustments. This guy is on the three fight winning streak. He's made the adjustments in the grappling. He looks great on defense. He looks great grappling. He looks great with a standup mixing. It up he switches dance. Yes i think. Casey can made vast huge improvements in his game. Huge and i believe that as a commentator that's partially our job of card is to keep it real you know one of the things from dc that a lot of downs kind of serious you know. I'm just playing with him and stop. But it's like this isn't a game when you see dc on fight week. He's not this jokey talking about being fat and that it's an advantage. He's not that funny guy. He's dead serious like i am. And i like to pay the same respect to these fighters on fight week in a fight night as if i was fighting myself because their head could get kicked off their shoulders. What happened to forget what could happen. Everybody in it's not a joke to me. It's not a game to me. I studied fights. I pay very close attention to each style because these fighters lives are on the line. And i believe that when you see. Dc by it. He knows his.

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