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So the story that I wrote was about is there not a different way. And and there is a different way. So God knows the United States Olympic team has to try different way in scandalous and horrifyingly disruptive to young girls. Absolutely. Absolutely. So are they going to do that? In other words, the UCLA now have a chance to get her philosophy. I mean who runs the United States Olympic team anymore? Most arduous thing. So the US Olympic Committee, and USA gymnastics have each had anybody. Oh, yeah. Yes. And the sexual abuse scandal in USA gymnastics eight there are versions of sexual abuse. Verbal abuse, psychological abuse in a host of sports swimming, speed skating. I. Several other. So it's not unique to gymnastics. But again, the transaction has long seemed to be at the US OC level. If you win medals your methods or your methods. It's not for us to say. So this awareness that they have not only a moral obligation, but a legal obligation to make sure that their athletes are safe is something there are certainly acknowledge ING now and paying lip service to I am not sure that the safeguards are there either at the USOC or USA gymnastics safeguards, and or will to really change this pattern. And I say that because in both cases, the CEO's they brought in have a marketing background, there seems to be this impression that what they have is an image problem that that that they need to reposition the sport to get back the corporate sponsors to make parents feel comfortable with their sports again. I don't I'm just withholding judgement. I'm not at all convinced. I think the. Best safeguard is is openness as an all things. You know, if you're a parent and your child is training has great ability. And and you're kind of over the edge yourself is a parent. You know, that's not good. But if the coach doesn't let you watch practices if it's not open. I mean, that's a bad sign. You know, I think it's time parents be more engaged. Obviously. This goes back to what I said about Mississippi State. This is why I love athletes feeling empowered speaking out. I know I'm running out of time. But there is always going to be a special case for female figure skaters and female gymnasts because they must commit fully at age five six seven to be race..

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