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Kansas City chiefs or other teams and I'm saying well can they stand up for four quarters. That's the big question in the way but to run the football demoralizes that defense. It's almost like Steph Cross headquarters shooting at three. There's nothing you can do is just talk about how the run game affects the the opposite side of the ball. The defense is beautiful thing about having a solid run game like the forty niners actually do have you can control the clock. You you control the clock. You keep Patrick. My home on the sideline you force them to make throws make foot pressure on office to score a lot of points. Because that's what they're accustomed to doing. So when you slow that down the IDA rhythm if you can keep them out of the rhythm lies we see them start games very slow you keep them out of the rhythm you can take advantage of. Oh things and one thing about cow Shanahan and their running game is Taylor Davis back in the day they ran that bogged down. Everybody's throat with all Hausa running back so before has got a very good chance. What what makes the chiefs the chiefs for a second so so dangerous? So dynamic is they've got two big offensive weapons and Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelsey whom Holmes is very comfortable. Go into you. You had that with you and Michael Irvin. How much easier is it when you have both weapons playing at the same time for an offense I think it? It creates a lot of matchup issues issues and achieve skin and go live young. Patrick mahomes along with Tara and Kelsey they have to other Sammy back there and charity got some other guys. Don't forget with those two running backs that they actually have everybody's slipping I mean. Everybody is all caught up in all. Facets these that you see it's those two running backs in the backfield hits and passes out of the backfield making guys miss one. Oh one here. And there that can make a difference for the chiefs and so their running game is going to be very very important this weekend as well as the forty niners right of the game. The Game I think for most people base level analysis is the chiefs passing attack against the niners. Pass rush so that that's a ostensibly removes the running backs from it. But when you think about how the chiefs offset the niners pass rush. It's screen game right right keeping a running back in for protection when you're playing a team with as good of a pass pass rush as the niners have what. Walk us through your job whether you're going out to receive a pass for whether you gotta deal with the blitzing linebacker and you're dealing with the bliss allowed magazine you face. We know what we have to do is mono mono we got to do that. We gotTA stop that. The second part is when I'm going out for a pass route. I gotTA help my my left tackle right attack because as you know those two hands are coming and they don't come hard so I would tell my love my love tackle set inside for some outside. Let me get a chip on his ribcage. So I can slow him Dow and give you a chance to get your hands back on them. That's the way to an anti used to work on the right side. Airwaves the same way if I'm going in between a lot of discriminates then it's the same way Lewis. Todd let me bump them a little bit. This is slow him down so I can add another one or two seconds for the quarterback. They have time to throw the ball downfield when most superbos off all three of them you carry the low. You've got devolved. Twenty five thirty times just handed off hand it off ended up but you were one man show. As far as running the football the forty niners honors are doing it more of a running back by committee. How much harder is if we're all those guys to try to get a rhythm at the game by by coming in and out of the game the way that they do one thing about his own offense when you have his own running game as I've seen in my past with Terrell Davis and you know all those guys that they had up and running for hundreds and thousands of yards is that you could do that? These guys are trained to Ronde Zone. Run and scheming. They'd do very job at doing. A lot of backs are very good at running zones ski I was never good running zone black zone run esteemed so but I was a downhill run and so but these guys are very skilled at doing it very patient. They set set it up whether you fall inside outside. I'll make you wrong no matter what you try to do. And that's what these guys are doing that. So I think for far advantage goes both of these these teams to run a ball fairly well and they got berry backs and I'm watching them. Learning a lot of bottom of seeing them do their thing. They've both both teams are very very skilled books. And we've been talking to so many players this week about the right things to do this week. especially if you're a player getting ready for the game we had some fun. We poke some fun at the forty niners honors. Who went out hard? I think Monday night or day nine listened. They said they didn't drink whatever they WANNA do. My question to you is just. What's the week like what would you? ooh You've been there a couple of times you've done a couple of times. What did you learn from the first time? The second time as a player getting ready for Sunday. Maybe that could help you go into. That was the absolute worse worse because anxiety and all those things not knowing what to do and how to prepare not knowing if you actually doing the right thing not because you try to treat it. That's normal year coach and say this is a normal no nothing normal body because most people planning for Super Bowl all excited and everything so not to mention you. Hear Miami Amy so you go out and party. I think he's just baked in this baked into the normal living. Your Third Super Bowl. You guys you guys had some fun the week leading.

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