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On newsradio wham eliminating. Thank you sir. I appreciate that and troops. I obviously appreciate you showing up for muster. I hope they're always cool. And copacetic. On your end to be joined by the president of Alfred University President Markelle Zupan Warning Sir. Welcome to the broadcast. Good Morning Bob. Thanks for the invitation to join us. I'm always grateful for your time. A lot of things going on in higher education at Alfred University. I guess question one might be. Will there be classes in the fall right now. That's the plan it's of course contingent on getting state government approval or planning to start on time We have a meeting later today to decide when we're GONNA finish the term whether we'll finish by Thanksgiving and then have two weeks of online classes or just strike to get everything done by thanksgiving. Perhaps doing some delivery of material on the weekends in between that seems to parallel the model at Syracuse University. Where I think they also are starting a week early but the goal would be to have on campus instruction done by the Thanksgiving break. And why would that be a a a desirable thing? Please Sir We are in the business of creating intersections meaning impact live but Colbert nineteen also thrives on intersections. So until we get further along towards her immunity a therapeutic or vaccine. We've got to focus on the essentials and minimize some of the intersection so but otherwise occur. So we're going to be teaching on Labor Day we're GONNA eliminate the mid fall term break So the odds of people going on campus intersecting with somebody bringing something back to campus and same thing with Thanksgiving it just creates another opportunity in this code. Nineteen time for kids to go back to their places with family but bring something back for this hallway two weeks so keeping it as simple as possible until punch through this you. I as a question serves Mark Zupan President of Alfred University you. You want the the university campus to be like a biological community where folks come there. Your I presume screen them or whatever. Okay we're all here. Were healthy those. Who needs some treatment? Whatever like that. We're all healthy and we're going to kind of we're we're GONNA hold up together and we're going to get our education and and be safe from the virus. That way is is that the general thoughts are correct..

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