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Him and yannis are the two best right i agree yeah getting the win asli is what's really key for them because they dropped a stink at harm to memphis on monday night and tibbs wasn't happy and tips basically pointed out to towns and we and says you going to be better and towns i think really took that on the show tonight because this was a close game actually the whole hung in there and really this is what is important about he's growth and development for me is the town's knows that these are the mustwin game this this is what professionals do this is what the veterans do is they get their team over the line against teams they should beat and then that translates into get into the playoffs and it gives you that confidence of knowing how to take your at home so points great this three point is all that stuff is fantastic but really it's a very important win for team that is still just in that hanging onto that spot in the playoffs i agree with all that one thing i'd like to add we showed you the board there he is now the franchise record holder for points in a game that's a lot better than me having at four the wolves agree with that everyone would think sort of garnet maybe allows no it was my williamson corey brewer right there i like the towns that and look video games man they help your hand eye coordination your focus attention you gotta play more video games those you're not to they help scored forty points in a high school game once it was all because of goldeneye true story next one trae let's go seventy sixers beat the knicks tonight giving them their eighth straight win something they haven't done since keith van horn was in the starting lineup two thousand three that win came just hours after brett brown told reporters that there's not one team in the eastern conference that he's intimidated by false the sixers can be any team in the eastern conference well they need to have dwell beat that's a that's a given he got injured in this game tonight you're we're hoping he's okay goes out of this game with a facial contusion got popped in the.

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