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Israel, President Donald Trump, Boeing discussed on The Mike Pintek Show


Governor, Tom Wolfe. Israel's prime minister is thanking President Donald Trump for recognizing Iran's revolutionary guard as a foreign terrorist organization. Benjamin Netanyahu says the designation serves the interests of our countries and of countries in the region earlier today, President Trump said the US has designated Iran's revolutionary guard a foreign terrorist organization as part of an effort to increase international pressure on the country. Israel is a step closer to becoming the fourth country to land spacecraft on the moon. This update from CBS's Peter King the Barasheet spacecraft has been in an elliptical egg shaped orbit around the moon slash Thursday. Sporting mission managers say thirty six second rocket burn. It into a tighter orbit about one hundred thirty one miles at its closest point two hundred ninety at its furthest more rocket. Burns are expected to circularize that orbit at Pogos is planned the spacecraft would touchdown Thursday making Israel the fourth and smallest country land on the moon. Peter King CBS, news and way above us. Right now. Spacewalking astronauts are tackling battery and cable work outside the international space station. Nasa, astronaut and McLean and Canadian astronaut David Saint Jacques got an early start this morning. They need to complete battery. Swap outs at started last month and lay cable more families of victims of the line aircrash in Indonesia are suing Boeing after it's chief executive apologized last week and set a software update for the Maxine jet would prevent further disasters family members and lawyers said the comment by Boeing CEO related to an automated flight system in a video statement last week was an admission that helps their cases stocks were broadly lower in early trading on Wall Street as industrial and tech companies fell Boeing sank after. The company said it would cut back production of its troubled seven thirty seven max plane right now Hefferin Tillerson says the Dow is down one hundred nineteen points at twenty six thousand three oh six. The NASDAQ is down one.

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Israel, President Donald Trump, Boeing discussed on The Mike Pintek Show

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