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In napa they measure their success one foot at its time roman there all right down to earth in the language that everybody here in email younger say nate shelman live bagged local news talk kdoi pita four people for the ethical treatment of animals says the billboard wolf picture the face of a dairy cow and the words i'm me not meets beef nor talking about it the photo as of a naked joe barton allegedly sin to a woman he had a relationship with it was posted on twitter and later by tmz we are talking about it a victory for internet service providers like at and t comcast and barisal who will hold more power over internet under pies watts these showman show on the news and talk of idaho six seven kboi on jake they don't don't leave the news through your you go can you won't wanna my missing from this story out of black foot i i understand that when people lose their lives sometimes there's a roadside memorial for them meal when loved ones bicyclists have have the go spike did i hear the story correct yes you did i may i shall not meet kale's hold on a second i'm telling the story in quickly thursday morning one man was injured three cattle killed in a commercial vehicle crash on i fifteen mile post ninety near black foot people for the ethical treatment of animals allowed stairs date that they plan to replace the more near the site a claimed the lives of three cows yes charles homa you'll was driving michelle pulling a.

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