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Fourth in Renton and east ninety getting across the lake is also gonna be tough for mid span all the way over to four oh five your next couple traffic at four fourteen all right thanks to and a check on the weather because certainly it is chilling down and changing here Shannon o'donnell fire everybody Wednesday afternoon here we have some lingering spotty showers out there some of which are already including some wet snow in the foothills of the cascades including around the perjury near maple valley this upon highlands in mere months so here we go finally getting a little cooler around here looking and feeling more like winter should we keep heading in that direction a chance for some spotty low snow overnight into the Thursday commute most likely in the cascade foothills east of I. five and near the Snohomish county line with king county there around average back toward highway two so could see some light accumulations as we fly toward Thursday morning by the afternoon drying out in a big wet and windy Friday I had around the corner in the coming weather center I'm meteorologist Shannon o'donnell ever temperature forty degrees to come of forty one and here in downtown Seattle forty two degrees at four oh six it was just hours after yesterday's Aronian rocket attacks at a Ukrainian seven thirty seven crashed on take off from Tehran killing a hundred seventy six people coincidence or is the crash somehow connected ABC news correspondent Erin to Turkey joins us with the latest we have a clear picture we don't intact we just heard from the Canadian minister of transport there were sixty three Canadians on board it's a popular route Toronto to Tehran via Kiev and he said we cannot speculate about the cause right after the crash the Iranians said.

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