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News. 9 23, the U.S. park police department is supposed to record all of its radio and telephone communications, but that hasn't been happening. In fact, a government watchdog has discovered that the department's radio channels went unrecorded for two years. The interior department's inspector general review was triggered after U.S. park police discovered they did not have recordings of radio communications during the operation to clear protesters from Lafayette park in June 2020. The IG review found part police had not recorded radio communications on one channel from at least March 2018 through August 2020 and another channel from October 2018 through June 2020. The watchdog said they found no evidence this was intentional because there was no policy to monitor the equipment, the failure went unnoticed until the June 2020 recordings were requested, moving forward, the IG recommends U.S. park police developed policies for maintaining and monitoring the equipment and the recordings. Sarah Jacobs news. Double your TOP has reached out to the park police for comment. The navy is giving safe harbor to sailors who report sexual assault, federal news, network Scott marioni reports. In the past sailors and marines may have been reticent to report sexual assault because they were in situations that may have gotten them punished. The navy's now trying to change that in a new policy service members who report sexual assaults will be exempt from collateral misconduct. That means they won't be charged for violations like underage drinking at the time of the assault, unprofessional relationships or curfew violations. The navy says collateral misconduct is a significant barrier to service members reporting assaults. Scott mascioni, federal news network

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