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Because i met support all the time so i know his hand. I'm leon wishy together. Especially when he's like that's his job title motivational speaker. And then he can't say the words suffocating the poor guy but he did get himself morals like the whole night. I was like just up every was trying to help you out by saying stop. Like just take a hint and stop and he doesn't really randomly kind of ready. Then he continued at. The cocktail party was trying to stir up more drama. And be like somebody's here for the wrong reasons in your daily Why are you still going trying to cause. It's interesting though because we see next week in the preview for next week. It's like he kind of does a mic drop in says how he was right and it shows thomas saying he wanted to be the bachelor or that was like thought process that went through his head so i was like many coral was onto something but still. He handled it all wrong all wrong. There's i feel like there's always someone agree season. That just gets kind of jealous. Maybe people like they're not here. Yeah they're not here for the right reason. I feel like that's the easiest way it's like you know what it's like. We don't even hear it like if we want to see these people we want. Like i kinda wanna chat the stick around. Wait who's chad. We might think who's got kicked off. Cody cody cody. Yes all k- co it's hard you know. It was weird. How he didn't like stick up for himself in any way shape or form. But i like sometimes when there's drama they're like i love seeing the by like i mean that was biding. Yeah i wanted just buckled. He was like I don't know he didn't say anything to make himself. Seem innocent in any way i was like what are you doing. He couldn't even speak. Ya call bothered me on bothered jelly. Stand up for yourself like say some either. Say you're right or you're right. And that's like they're conversation when he hit going to speak to you like he's gonna go in and say lying and then like a man like a hands of i didn't understand anything so what's the be. I know it's never really made sense even on night. One were like where did that come from. Okay you knew each other but still have not understanding where this is all stemming from and it just it didn't make any sense yeah and so one thing is of course. I felt like everyone go other instagram and like everything. I did that. Because i'm like i'm going to figure out this fight and so i got to come up with They're definitely like jim. Bros right so seems like jim he. There's jimmy there's jenny that's gymnasts routing and voice talking gems girls do to. I've been a part of that world. got exchange. I think there's just that whole community. And i think that's the be but like in the mine wrestling weird. He saw they both have banging body. It's like there's airspace. Cody's face aaron one game over by urine space is beautiful beautiful face rain. Kind of bradberry ways. We get talking about his..

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