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Providing more financial help to Afghan refugees. In a memo released on Friday, Wyden said his administration is authorizing up to $100 million and new aid to refugees and those impacted by violence in Afghanistan. He argued the money is needed for quote, meeting unexpected urgent refugee and migration needs as well as victims of conflict. This comes as the Taliban has made territorial gains while the US wraps up withdrawing troops from the country. The condo collapsed. Recovery search has ended and Surfside, Florida. Friday, March 29 emotionally and physically difficult search days after the Champlain Towers south condominium collapsed, Scott Dean, the leader of the task force, said. It was important. His team helped provide closure to the families. That team was honored with a procession which ended at the Miami Fire Rescue headquarters. The June 24th collapse killed at least 97 people. Australia's Great Barrier Reef is not being placed on the UN's list of World heritage sites that are currently in danger. Matt Matt Johnson explains why Instead, the World Heritage Committee decided on Friday to ask the Australian government to detail efforts aimed at preserving the reef for future generations. Australia strongly objected efforts to impose the ENDANGER rating Australian officials declared it the best managed reef in the world. The Great Barrier Reef spends more than 130,000 miles off Australia's northeastern coast and is home to over 1600 species of fish and hundreds of types of corals and firefighters in southern Oregon or gaining more ground on the bootleg fire, the Department of Forestry said Friday. The fire has burned Just over 400,000 acres and is now 40% contained currently about 2400. Firefighters are on the front lines. I'm Jim Forbes. President Biden is stumping for Terry McAuliffe in Virginia. They're not going to find anyone. I mean anyone Who knows how to get more done for Virginia than Terry. That's a fact you don't have to wonder what kind of governor Terry will be Biden campaign for the former governor on Friday as McAuliffe looks to win a second term in office. The president said he and McAuliffe share similar views, including the need for bigger public investments to get economic growth going by noted the importance of reelecting McAuliffe and keeping Virginia Blue. McAuliffe previously served as governor from 2014 to 2000 and 18. Fewer Americans approve of the job President Biden is doing Brian Shook has more, the latest Gallup poll found. His approval rating is now at 50%. That's a new low for Biden, who's now six months into his term. It's also a six point drop from June. Meantime, there's a deep partisan split when breaking down the numbers. 90% of Democrats approve of Biden's job performance, while only 12% of Republicans give him a thumbs up. I'm Brian shook. The Department of Defense says they've had almost 2000 breakthrough Covid 19 cases among its two million fully vaccinated personnel. In a statement to CNN, the D O D noted the delta variant is to blame for the breakthrough in cases. The breakthrough cases represent 0.1% of immunized people in the Defense Department community. They are also urging everyone to get vaccinated. And after years of controversy, the bust of a Confederate general and KKK leader Is being removed from the Tennessee capital. Cruise took down the statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest Friday morning, which will find a new home at the Tennessee State Museum committees have debated about the removal of the statue, but a vote by the State Building Commission cleared the way for its relocation. The forest bus has been at the capital since 1978 I'm Jim Forbes. This. Bloomberg Sports Update the Mets opening up a three game weekend interleague series against the Blue Jays, and the Mets defeated Toronto three Nothing. Peter Lanza with two home runs as 20th and 21st. Two run blast on the first on former Met Stephen Manson solo shot in the eighth. The men's received strong pitching from starter Tyler McGill. He picks up his first major league when allowing just two hits over six innings, striking out five. Edwin Diaz, his 20th save Matt's takes the loss for the Blue Jays. He's now eight and five Little Red Sox down the Yankees for the ninth time in 11 games, 62 at Fenway Park, Rafael Devers, two homers and five runs batted in Yankee starter Gerrit Cole knocked out after five innings, allowing three runs on six hits with eight strikeouts. Gold takes the loss, He's 10 and five Magneto Door and Brett Gardner, accounting for the Yankee runs each with run scoring Devils. Known as the Indians since 1915, Cleveland's Major league baseball team will next be called the Guardians. The name change will take effect at the end of the 2021 season. Hockey news. The Rangers put defenseman Toni D'Angelo on unconditional waivers, and they announced their new forward Barkley. Good row. He signs a $21.6 million contract. Good room formerly with the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Rangers also trade Palm L. Bogdanovich to the ST Louis Blues for Sammy Blais in a draft pick The Tokyo Olympics get going in full swing later today with a full slate of events on tap. U. S softball team back and facing Mexico looking to improve to three also in action, the U. S women's soccer team Meeting New Zealand. Other events on the schedule three on three basketball and beach volleyball. New York Jets assistant Greg Knapp but well traveled NFL coach who worked with Pro Football Hall of Famer Steve Young and soon to be inducted. Peyton Manning over his 25 year career, died on Thursday from injuries suffered when he was struck by a car while Viking Saturday in San Ramon, California NAP was 58. The Bloomberg Sports Update. I'm Tom Rogers..

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