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Our with light if you're not in the need to carry portable speaker so i us during that has trumps the how great you will you get your hair beggar end since this will go live on monday after the other embargo i'm just looking at an article on balk at now publishing exceptionally lowest on may four 2012 by our esteemed excolleague michael fisher currently of mr mobile the headline goes like phone names are out of control and the hiv you guys remember if she to remember ordering them crazy samsung galaxy s two epic fourjeep dutch bones my god let me give you the lg lease thirty cents where i was that's what i was fishing former the where's the box it's pal g v thirty blow up thirty s loss thick here thank you there is no evidence will hugh kid anyone repeat that without this morocco pronounces hatton beat the fire owning without this okay so obviously preparing video it's going to go live in a few hours so by the time this podcast goes live the video would already be life of it's literally thirty it that's what it is it's got nuclear options sixty could bites of ram storage options as strong as one hundred twenty eight gigs 286 and absolutely everything else were wise at least it has the same when it comes to software we've got android eight that's great finally lg thank you uh but the the the i guess the most interesting part is what they're doing with the camera so on one okay so online and they got this bright mode where so the bright mode a pretty much enables would i think it.

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