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Love your breaking news station i'm literally molding break the white house says mexico canada and other countries may be exempted from president trump's steel and aluminum tariffs white house press secretary sarah sanders as of right now we're moving fully ahead in anything that would change will be done so on a national security basis white house just days ago said there would be no exceptions to trump's plan to put in place 25 percent tariffs on imported steel and ten percent on aluminum a new study says it's okay for kids to get more than one vaccine at a time the study from kaiser permanente showed that kids who got multiple vaccines at once were no more likely to get infections than kids who got fewer shots or had them spaced out over multiple doctor's visits the study refutes the belief by some in something called vaccine over load the report appeared in the journal of the american medical association and said they hoped the findings will reassure parents about the safety of the vaccine scheduled recommended by doctors i'm john stolnis silicon lee county a man convicted in a double fatality drunk driving crash has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison authorities say elijah king was driving drunk on state road one eighteen of gallup last may what is vehicle rolled over killing two adults passengers and seriously injuring three children in the vehicle king pled guilty to be hit a homicide a child abuse resulting in great bodily harm a northern to mexico man is arrested for his sixth dwi after allegedly ramming a state police car tuesday authorities got reports of a suspected drunk driver on i 25 and the white pickup was spotted pulling into the lava hotter rest area south of santa fe the state police officer stopped the pick up but before the officer could get out of her vehicle the driver sixty eight year old sixty year old alex v hill of rancho sda towels purposely slammed into the police car in addition the dwi veal is charged with aggravated battery on a peace officer and resisting or evading an officer.

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