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In mary's womb. And so i think that's an excuse. Some of them believe that you're seeing that happen. I'm telling you right now. That woke is for lack of a better term. And i don't love the term. But i can tell you where it comes from. It's not a greater. It's seeping into the church. And i think that poorly constructed theological beliefs are directly tied together too poorly constructed political beliefs. I think they're actually tied together. And so what do we do about it in this kind of goes back to what i opened up with which is more than anything else. The problem we're facing in our country is a problem of the distribution of information. That's really where it comes down to and it's it's a problem that it's not we've never faced before is probably we've let this go on too long. We've complained about the media complained about hollywood. So what do we do about well. It's this simple. i'm gonna give you a piece of action that no one else is going to give you. You have to become your own social network. So every single person has lots of contacts in your phone people in your own network. You now must be going create a physical facebook. Go do what you did in the eighteen twenties basically where you must now bypass the guardians and the gatekeepers strip distribution information and you must find whatsoever true as it says in philippians and spread it amongst your friends because the truth once spoken into the world will spread it will an all takes his one sentence of truth to deflate a lifetime of lies and so the other part of this which is less applicable to you is. We have to start building our own stuff. Our own servers are on social networks. And all that but for those of you that say. I'm not going to be able to do that. And ninety nine point nine percent of all the people. Then what are you doing to spread the truth. And here's the answer that many of you will give. I can't because i'm going to get fired. I can't because i'm gonna lose friends. Or i can't because i'm going to lose a source of income bingo that's the actual problem. The actual problem the country is not the fact that facebook is controlled by a bunch of secular despots and tyrants the actual fact is that decent people are afraid of losing their lifestyle. That's the problem. And i get it trust me. I'm not saying i'm above this. There's people that. I just try to avoid the issue politics with less and less actually probably but in years past. I don't want the trouble you've all been there or i'm not going to spread the gospel to this person because they are going to think. I'm a bible clinging bigots. Because that's what you think. Their stereotype is when in reality. They might be one sentence away from all of a sudden opening a door for you to spread the gospel..

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