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I mean, there was so many and I think this team is desperately lacking in that department. I think they're lacking in the ability to respond to things like the shot that Patrice took. What have they got like 5 fights this year? I think it's as we're talking now. I think it's in the ballpark of 5. And when Brad Marshawn is leaving your team in penalty minutes right now, maybe need to look in the mirror and decide whether or not you need to do a little more. Yeah, and it's funny. I mean, I look at the lineup right now again. Bergeron Marshall at the top, and obviously if Nick foligno, who came in, hoping that he'd be a leader, but again he's new. By the way, I love the way he responded in the islander game. Good for him. Started the game, hitting everything that moved. You know, didn't like the shot that David poster not took from Matt Martin, went right after Martin, the face off circle. That's what we saw from Sean Thornton and his Elk back in the day. And what this team has been sorely lacking. Yeah, and again, and I also think like you look at and Bruce's talked about this a lot this year is getting the younger guys to be assistant captains, getting them into leadership roles, and it feels like there needs to be something between them, right? You need you need your mark recce came in at late in his career. He was a good between, you know, you know, he kind of taught Chara how to be a better leader in bergeron. Like those guys learned from that Sean Thornton as well. So I do think that this team needs a shot Thornton like leader. I'm not going to say I mean, again, the enforcer role is kind of carved out, but a leader like Sean Thornton you need. Now to the fun stuff of the book. Now to the good content. This was this story was not short on stories. That's for sure. I had two favorite parts of the book. The whole thing of Mark savard was very interesting to me and how and I didn't know this because again down kind of young. I haven't been around as long as a lot of people didn't know what happened. A lot of people didn't..

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