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Of. My. House. Weird. Should we just Should we just stop doing man should Because we're we're three minutes into the PODCAST and we're already running into the brick wall. My God, a sixth I'm exhausted already. Haven't even said what the name of the dam todd or the name of the movement whilst we are. So, let's get into it then finally. Okay. Buckled down and really really get the work done right So welcome to the moratorium. I'm your host Tim Cornerman. I like it when you put a little funk. There's not enough funk on this podcast. Your regular Cleveland little. And with me as always is. ME. Jason Walker you know who you sound like kind of Now, who do I sound like I? Mean you have the soul of Cleveland? Little. Boys of. deason. Exactly what I. WAS GONNA SAY Okay. So like back to what we were talking about the nineties I mean, this is okay. Wait a minute reading. The movie at sorry. That's how that's how. Alike Fuck Lymph Diane for all of his m completely confused this is a precursor to what the rest of the shows gotta be like. This. Disjointed double jointed yet. Give you a slight headache new listening to. Can Old Yoko Ono album or something? That's just noise. All right. Well, let's mention what movie are watching this week. This week. This is my suggestion that we watch the hidden. Nineteen eighty seven buddy cop. Alien before men in. Black. Scott Cow McLaughlin who is absolutely awesome Michael Nori. Kluger might make an appearance who knows he usually does. Lynn Shea is in a small role small because she's like four foot five. I was just looking at the alien nation was in eighty eight. So this came out before alien nation this came out before a lot of those I mean kind of similarly plotted. Things, but I think really this is a sci fi movie it just worked so well because. It's not very long. It's an hour a little over an hour and thirty minutes. Here's tons of action I. Mean like the last like thirty minutes of this movie everything is like exploding and. Guns everywhere. But I mean, you know I think the reason it stood out the reason I. liked it so much is because Comic Laughlin Michael have really good You know kind of back and forth buddy banter you know it's like tango and cash or something. I tried to find out I helped me somebody if they can give me this information how much money do they spend on the cars? Alah for sure I I didn't count but there's at least three Ferraris at least. was there a Lamborghini there's there's a guy in this later that will will kick him out. He's wearing a jacket says Lamborghini. You have the kind of Guy Yeah. That seen as crazy I. Love It. It's also like a body jumping movies. So I really enjoyed that part that it could be so many different you know. I don't know how to describe. His name.

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