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Hello and welcome to try this. It is your boys. Nick and marcus here and ready to talk about some good as caa ten hanukah which one are you. I'm markus i'm nick. Nice nice nice near the podcast is about. I feel like you always tell me up to just did it. And then i'm about to see with the podcast was about. I introduced us. I said hey they can marcus and now you gotta tell us what we do here. Is that part part. Go straight to the. We're two best friends. Talk about stuff that they love. How does that form at work. You ask how tell you. One of us challenges the other one to watch something that we love that the other one has never experience for example. Last two weeks ago. I gave marcus. The movie scare me josh reuben. And he had feelings about it. Go check out. That episode did have feelings and marcus last week. Something weird because we did a fan challenge. Ask what we did. The fan challenge deadly lessons aka the legend of simon conjurer which is a very fair conju. A very bad movie in the vein of you'll bring films and time why so films. It's definitely worth checking out. And why did we. How did we do fan challenge. Where did that come from home. God nick i so weird that you've been on this podcast for so long. You don't know an answer any of these things. Well i'll tell you until the fans you can head over to our adriaan and send us suggestions. We have two tiers the five dollar tears where you can send us suggestions every month for us to try and the one dollar tier where you get to vote a witch selection. We do for the podcasts. That's it you almost crush it. All you forgot to tell them is what the patriot is. Its patriot dot com slash. Now try this cast. Yes other wink guys. Go into our twitter page. We have links if you go on any of her social media pages we have links to everything. If you're not following us everywhere not sure fan. That's what i'm saying. And i'll try this cast it. If you're having trouble we made it easy. Now try this. Cast dot com. All of its right there. Yeah baby and then also we love five star reviews on itunes. I feel like i feel like you heard me typing. The i did see. I swing typing. Because you didn't load it up but that's fine while you're right did it up because you couldn't leave us. A great review like sleepy dot. Org did saying such a great pair. Love you guys. You have amazing chemistry and should date you know a sleeping baby dot org. We thought about it. We considered it. Markets only wanted me for my body. It didn't work through was going to say my thing was both tops. You know what i mean. Because more can i be honest. That's probably really true. That's why we can never date. That's the only really honestly. Probably i'd be i'd be gay for a man like you. You're so pretty you to guy love hair. You heard it just honeypot market. What you know what. I was thinking last this past week. Or whatever episodes that. I gosh i wish we could do all over again. You know what. I was thinking. What are you think about the. Now you see me. Episode of podcast. What a while thinking about that. Because i watched the interview with the main guy. We'll be much jesse high gammon then. Movie was so bad. He was talking about the movie with like a lot of reverence. And like professionally about being an actor now in about daniel radcliffe in the sequel. And i was like. Oh wow that would be real serious. You're one of the only people who really funny when you see actors take their jobs way too seriously. Like acting is hard and a lot of movies deserve the credit and the challenge that they present to actors. but not. now you see me burn. What are we doing this week this week. We are doing the comic book adaptation invincible on amazon. Prime it's an animated series. I gave you the first three episodes and this is not a sponsor that you put on amazon. This is not a sponsor right sponsored episode by amazon prime does owned twitch. We are streaming on their platform so the amazon gods. If you hear us we like your show is good or not. I like to you before we get started. Tell me what's i li-. Ab tried anything new. Oh man this week. I have remember when i was saying i was like. Oh i am at moma fishy. And i feel like i have just exploded mentally. You know. yeah wasn't working. Took a break and i crashed Like a computer overheating itself. I crashed and i had a good while of just resting relaxing and recharging and now i'm back on the grind waking up running working now doing my thing it's good it's good and i also have been recently getting back into video game hobby. I feel like i have abandoned it. You know but i've been doing some more video game hunting recently. Kinda keep my eye out for stuff. A nice went to a retro game store by years so cool of before. I just wanna say hello to everyone in the chat we got an evaluation second row ran one four mr hall petty double seven. It's lively in the check. You want to join the chat live. During this conversation we have every week every thursday eight. pm eastern standard time twitch dot tv slash. Now try this cast. Yeah thank you guys check. Oh hold on. Why realize thank you. Thank you for joining us. Special shots all of you. The personal labor it. What the plane would your face. let's knock it to what i'm doing. Well tell us about yourself with your personal favorite. Who in the as your personal favorite. Because then the rest of the murga interrupted me. I want to the chat will fight about who they think. I love the most as telling us what games you're playing right now right now playing personify royale which is enhanced version of personify g. It's an rpg of dungeon exploration where you get to as high school or romance a bunch of people that you shouldn't be legally allowed to romance. How do you always find a way to make super popular like not in the game. Sound like some weird harem video game. Harem game you can romance. Everybody except for the guys know gay stuff in japanese anime apparently anyway. What was your question forgot. What did you try this week. Oh my god. I tried something amazing called quitting your job. You did it. i quit my job. Nice guys i got a new gig. It's professionally podcasting. So make sure to go. Patriot dot com. No i quit my job at the restaurant. I was working at because restaurant. Work has been awful during this block. Party it's been really tough. But i found a new gig marcus. I'm going to hopefully have many great stories about it. But i will be teaching chess shoe kids aids already to seven guys. If you have a child that you want me to teach the jets go ahead and reach out at us. Now try this cast dot com and i will teach children chess. Is it virtual. Yep it's virtual and in person in new york city through storytelling about the king and how he eats too much and he gets all big and fat and that's why he can only move one space at a time. you know. that's kind of it's like. Yeah two zero. You can be really fun. I mean honestly. I probably becoming too. You be like marcus. Can you play chess with me as i. I've been learning strategy. And yes it's for the six year olds but like if a six year old can beat me. That might be a problem cool. It'll help them like. That's how queen's gambit shoutouts queen's gambit episode. That's how that whole thing started ono. Knicks.

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