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Half by fifteen thirty nine thirty four twenty one. Points, three rebounds and assistant to steals. Sixteen minutes. Jeremiah Martin to lead the way Devonport with foul. Trouble played only eight minutes had nine points. And the Tigers had a lot of people. Nine different players scored. So they were active, but they had heard on the boards again twenty seven nineteen eleven offense of rebounds. So they lost the second chance points. Six four of and everything else. Thirteen points off turnovers. They forced six turnovers and only four themselves win the point in the paint metal twenty to ten doing at those numbers at a fifteen point in that performance by Martin what exceptional performance as a first team all league choir. No dad with day one of eleven from three point range. Oh, he's not going to be people. She's the baller. What? Nope. And they shooting only thirty one percent, anyway, we'll get the ball right to left under radio. Dial in white Tigers in Blue Nile started again with Davenport, Martin Bruton Ainhoa and Thornton. And here is the Greenway. Into the front court right side in the middle of the Crabtree. He got some minutes in the first half right back to Daniel's pay right setup. Crabtree. At the free throw line. Pump fakes. John John's going to back up now start to make his move on Thornton stays right with him. Helped by Email on a fadeaway jumper. Shaadi got his body in the air and headed twist around a hit it that was a good look, and it was really a good play to the fenders in his pace for John. Who's got sixteen in the game? And averages six years Martin the way for the U of M left, Paul kicks it left corner. The new pump fakes then walks in poor stare. No reason for that. Nobody really guardian right near has more unforced turnovers than anybody on the team. Show here come the Greenway, forty four seconds gone. They have scored I forty nine thirty six tiger lead thirteen as Crabtree agrees. It up right side Crabtree between the circles. John left corner Daniels again gets a pick from John and puts up the shot was blocked. Martin another number for him picked up by birth down the right side into the front court touch it to the middle gets to the right elbow crossover dribble into the paint. Not looks for help and goes between the circles Stoughton left wing Martin. He'll bring it centre-circle. Look at penny with fifteen on the shot clock and at fifteen gone here in the second half Tigers by thirteen Martin work and weigh in on the left side get's a pick for me. No splits to goes left side treadmill dish it right back on a pick and roll the not picked up by Crabtree. He drives down puts it up missed it. Another rebound Daniels who puts it up and got phone. It'll be I think. Is it Martin walking at the other way? Let's see what is pointed at him. I don't know what it's on Tigers. Oh, no. He's calling technical. Wow. You kidding technical is Kalsa said something. On the team has must have come from. Abs-? Absolutely. So Martin's going to get two free throws. The only thing he's not done. Well as free throws. Oh for two in the game onto what would have been one first free throw up. In Tigers are in the fifty s fifty two thirty six and one more for Jeremiah her head to be a foul. Dave. Saturday them at the other end is wild notched the second one in fifty one thirty six rather furring again lead rough here is Teri Oglesby. Cherry Ymer and recrossed. Join him. They gotta walk. Down there. I'm not sure who the foul was on. We know about the tech. They have not given us. It's on Martin. So Martin has his first. It's a non shooting foul that was on the rebound attempts to be an inbound underneath. So the green put. Jong zips to one corner they tried to go. There could not they look inside. Not they're almost five seconds at a time. I called by Mike Dunleavy. Everybody wants to get home safely after the game. That's why law enforcement officers will be on the.

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