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With Steve Ringo. That song is pretty awesome. Steve Winwood, listen to that thing back in 88. I can't even believe that That song is still so popular on the air right in that single was number one for over four weeks during the summer of 88. So that was definitely good year. I remember my parents just jamming out to this. So I love this new, serious station that I listen to all the time you got radio. So if you've ever heard that everybody knows that, that's what the guy says, and he plays that plays a song. Quite a bit is a pretty awesome station. To hear some of the you know, really popular songs. But while 1988 that's hard to believe, because Blake my son was born in 1990. Yeah, so Wow, that's pretty crazy. That is crazy. Well, Steve, you know what's crazy? What's crazy? I'm looking at all these illustrations on the studio table, and I don't know which one to pull up next. But you know, one of the things that we hear whenever we're doing the zoom meetings, which is really pretty cool, because now I've got it down. But being able to share the files show you the illustrations is so powerful when we run in Camilla stray shin to show you how it really works. What is trust but verify. So I ran an illustration for a gentleman here in the D F W area, and I guess Well, I don't You know, I want to run it at 4% Go back and have him run a 4% on like I can't do that. We have to run. It is compliant right compliance, So it's like it runs what The numbers are, and he's like, well. This isn't what I thought and knew what he was. I thought the annuity always was. I give my money to the insurance company. And sooner or later, I'm just going to, you know, give up control of my asset, and then I'm going to take an income for life and I can run my own money. But I, you know, kind of get nervous about the market. But then, when he saw these strategies he's like This is not what I thought. Innuit Iwas I'm like, right. And if you look at the rates of return and how you're able to have a great income or even take money off of your annuity, allow the the core asset to continue to grow. He's like, Well, I'm just completely floored. I'm like we hear it all the time. Yeah, I mean it's and it's one of the biggest misconceptions out there right the way I kind of like to relate it to it. It's you know, let's talk about the lottery, for example, you forget the lump sum or you get the annuity payments when people hear annuity payments that's traditionally innuit ization where you're relinquishing control of an asset. The nice thing about the types of annuities that we work with. We have the ability to work with all of them, but the ones that were talking about on today's show is the fact that we're actually able to take Ah portion of your money. Protect it grow and have flexibility. So we're not actually creating a lifetime income stream where we're giving up control of that asset. We're using it just like we would any other type of savings or even some of your different types of investment types of strategies that are out there. So the fact that we're able to put a 1,000,000 in It's going to be protected. You have the ability to grow it. You can access funds and then at some point in time, if you want to take your money and leave you, Khun dude that unlike traditional innuit ization where it's okay, I'm going to give the insurance company $1,000,000. They're going to get any payments for the rest of my life, which usually that average rate of return is probably based on two, maybe 3%. So the nice thing about these strategies as we have the ability to grow This portfolio at a much more significant rate, and like you were saying the gentleman wanted a 4% rate. It's like they illustrate worst case scenario higher than that throws five by Point drive. One right worst case, right? So it's pretty interesting, and as I was talking to him, I said, Here's what we want to do. We want to grow your money over the next 10 years, and we wanna have a CZ much growth as we can get. And you can get that on a two year option and there's videos on our website and do it and done so. You can understand how that works, but the two are options going to give you more bang for your buck. Because that interest is gonna have a little bit of accelerator on it a little bonus on it. So if you can wait two years for you when you see the return, she'll just be blown away versus every year having the interest credited and eat if you take a look at a portfolio that goes up in value goes down. You never really book that return. So here we were just gonna book at every two years. If you want to get a bee in a big bang for your buck. And it's just a great feature. And I think also Steve when I was looking at that, so the median return is a 0.6% so just a little over 8%. That's compound. And then the highest is 9.19%. I'll tell you what, Let's just take a look. Here's a $1,000,000 we're taking a look at how that's going to grow, and I had a gentleman take a bunch of income off of it, and it's he's going to take off about 5% So he's had all this money coming in, and then he's still going to be like $1.5 million that he has available to him to roll over. At the end of a 10 year period. But we've been taken out tremendous amounts of money. He's like boys. It changed. It totally has over for everybody that's out there. Pick up the phone. Our phones are being answered Life today, the phone number that we can be reached at for your complimentary meeting the A conference call zoom face to face anyway. You want to connect we can do. It is 972473 47 100 again. That's 972 473 47 100. I see Cathy digging in on a couple more illustrations here for sir, some recent clients. Yes, There's also a great company out there that we can. Let's just say that you needed immediate income. What does that look like? Law? Here's another gentleman. It seems like every person that comes in here is putting in a $1,000,000. Who wants to be a millionaire Now? Who wants to keep your millionaire? Right? So here's a $1,000,000 going in And let me take a look at here said this person is 69 years old, and because we're doing a joint payout, and his wife is substantially much younger than he is, so they take a look at her age because they have to calculate What her life expectancy is, so they're going to end up having they put in. I'm sorry, $2 million their income is going to be $130,000 a year guaranteed within 30 days. They're going to start their monthly payments. And then let's just say, Here we go. We're going to say six years into it. Something comes up. You've been receiving all of that money and you've got over like $1.6 million of cash sitting there just in case you needed it. So.

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