Chicago, Dallas Texas, President Trump discussed on John Howell


Cops in to guard the office after someone had broken in and told them to make themselves at home so that is the reaction from the police union no reaction to that yeah from may or a light for who says she wants to see an investigation into this incident which again happened on June first in the early morning hours that was the day after that horrific looting that we had in Chicago on Sunday may thirty first president trump appearing in Dallas Texas today to talk about justice disparities in the U. S. at that event trump warned against labeling tens of millions of quote decent Americans as racists or bigots he says the president says that we will make no progress and he'll know wounds by falsely labeling tens of millions of decent Americans racists or bigots covert nineteen cases the number the number of new cases in Illinois today seven hundred sixty six ninety one additional deaths that means that the virus has killed six thousand one hundred eighty five people in Illinois so far and president trump holding a rally June nineteenth in Tulsa Oklahoma Wall Street journal reporting that the trump campaign sent out an email to people wanting to attend the rally saying that they must click on a link assuming the risk of catching covert nineteen at the rally and agreeing to hold the trump campaign and the arena harmless if these folks choose to attend that rally John how is mentioned this the Dow down today nearly seven percent more than eighteen hundred points this is because of new reports of covert nineteen cases spiking in several states where they have re opened things WLS news time checking traffic.

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