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Us to get but a lot of people feel like they don't know what to do with fish fish you know. Open up a canned tuna fish. Okay but otherwise you go when you go to the grocery store which fish to get. How do I know it's fresh? How now I cook it? It's Scott again on whatever. So what what do we do. So it's usually in Europe. It's what's the freshest there that is the key it's not no one really goes thinking. What am I gonNA? They shop almost every day. So it's usually if you're going to the fishmonger it's what's your best. Freshest fish today would be the question and usually it's usually a woman at the stand when I'm shopping and they're very opinionated and when I asked him and how would you prepare it they tell me that too so writing these things down do right now I I write them down and I do do a little video recordings with with their permission That's part of the when you ask in a restaurant. They have to kill you three times if they talk. If you find out the recipe but the ladies at the market know exactly how L. The local restaurants make it and they're happy to spill the beans and give you how the recipes are made. And then I then I go back to the boat and I practice cooking and that's the beauty beauty of this. If I can make it on a boat come on. You can make these recipes in your kitchen at home. What okay what's in your Galley? I have a little all three gas stoves willpower like butane. And I've got a very small oven. You know like the size of a toaster oven and it doesn't heat eat really well so I got up make use with an questionable boat oven and then I've got a sink drain refrigerator and then are. Are you giving us some of those methods of preparation in this. Yeah that's what the recipes are. These are the ones I collected from port deport in Spain Italy France Turkey Greece from place to place. On what recipes. Did I collect along the way that would be you know insightful. Easy to prepare delicious and really and then how do you make them. You know it's not just about reading a recipe to me. When I'm writing this up for this book doc? It's really more about the process. How do you cook with somebody like olive oil? That's the dominant fat. They use many people. Damage it with high heat. They they I used to I eight so it's learning to cook it. Lower temperature lower heat. Your food actually tastes better. Use a different oil when you cook it. Hi Oh yes absolutely. Oh you should be using like avocado oil or almond oil. If you're going to cook get over four hundred degrees because that's the smoke point that's the point at which you start damaging the extra-virgin olive oil components. So when you damage the olive oil. You're not turning it into like hydrogenated some degree. Yeah you are. Yeah you're we're making making it on your making nasty unhealthy compounds when you damage an oil. You don't want to burn your oil. That's what you're doing when you exceed the smoke point you're burning it. Yes I am doing that up. That's a game a couple different kinds of oil because you want that high so you want to know something you want to see something but that I would say you sit with Avocado oil and then if you could add a little extra virgin olive oil at the end when you simmer it the flavor so and then you take some traditional recipes and you said you lower the The glycemic index. I'm looking at the Spanish Sanish tortilla recipe. which is something I love to make use But you I make it with a lot of potatoes so I would use less potatoes because potatoes again they have they have almost artsy there. They have a very high glycemic load. There is highest brad and table sugar. Oh ooh mashed. Potatoes are actually higher than table. Sugar if you can believe that really yes they melt in your mouth depress you save them for holidays okay and then when you use potatoes. I just use a smaller portion of potatoes and throw in some bell pepper onion John or another vegetable instead for that added texture with your torch Vanish Tortilla. What about sweet potato fries? Oh Uh sweet. Potatoes are definitely better. They have more fiber less vic- McLeod more nutrient good. Because that's my favorite thing in the world all right so better news there there. People are GONNA be starting out the new year with good intentions such as starting to eat a Mediterranean diet. Its ruins died on the planet. Money one overall diet for health for longevity and it's the easiest diet to follow where I was going to ask you I mean. How do you advise people people because people start out with good intentions? You know the the road to hell and then you know. Starting this mashed potatoes advise vice. Them I want people to pick something they can stay with long term. You know the idea of doing a diet for ten twenty or thirty days to me and then what you go back to. What what you were doing and gained all the weight back plus five pounds? That doesn't make any sense. Much smarter would be to say. Why wouldn't I follow the Basque ask Diet for the health of the planet? The food's delicious. The meals are easy to prepare. It's easy I could stick with it and probably my family and in France are going to like it. I mean to me. That's like a no brainer. As to what we should be doing even the World Health Organization has now stating their policy. Let's see is no matter. Where on the planet you live? We should be cringing everyone to follow a Mediterranean Diet. Wow okay well the we need to start practicing cooking fish more. I guess and you can even be vegetarian and follow a Mediterranean Diet and you could do a more low carb version Asia so one of the Nice things. It's so versatile you can modify to meet your food preferences. If you don't feel well eating a lot of carbs than most of your carbs wouldn't come from starchy foods. They would come from vegetable berries beans nuts and you can have a little more protein within and you know so. There's a lot of variety and you could even be purely vegetarian and do really well on a Mediterranean Diet. But then you would miss out on some of the seafood if you're GONNA if you're not eating that much seafood than I would recommend a seafood supplement and I talk about supplements that you need to add or could add to optimize your health to go with this when you said you have a hard time picking a favorite recipe. Because they're like your children but I'm GonNa ask you sure you have as we all do kind of go to go go to rescue. Hardly have to think about it can throw stuff together kind of a recipe. What is it I mean I really love salad new swabs? I've I've always liked it. You know it's just so fantastic the colors the flavors the dressing. What's solid niece was so lettuce with vegetables? Like tomato. Green beans traditionally. It has potatoes. I used battle on this recipe. Instead traditionally it has to Anna. I used used Either I give people choice between sardined little canned sardines or canned pink salmon instead. Why not tuna? Well we'll tuna has a fairly high mercury level and it so you can eat it on occasion but it's not something on. Ask someone to start eating several days a week. It's going to be too much mercury mercury. So wow and they don't eat that much tuna in the Mediterranean tunas like get re runs seasonally. So there's like a week or two of the year when they can catch tuna and and they do and they eat it at that time but it's not like it's you know serving Cantu year round okay so you sardines or salmon. Is that what you I like sardines or salmon with it but I mean there's so many recipes you know there's so many salads soups this the But the salad niece wise. That's let's is that I. I'm thinking that was traditionally with anchovies. You yes it's and it's it's a classic French Mediterranean Iranian Salad dish from niece. Yeah and that's when you like to do it. Seems like an easy one for the boat. Maybe because you don't have to cook anything you don't have to cook anything you open up a boy I met you. May you know Lance Carrots or green beans or something. They're going to go with your vegetables abortion but that's yet so a little bland cheating when you're done. What.

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