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Problem. He was banging on the TV monitor. And when the flight attendant refused servant he grabbed her face and called her a oh a blanket. All right. Yep. It says expletive idiot. I think we the expletive. Lovely lovely idiot. Other passengers helped restrain him after landing in Salt Lake. Reagan staggered is he'd warded deported. I thought you deplane in this case a he boarded a regular passengers passengers who were not drunk. They played mister Reagan was so drunk. He board had no idea, they're fine. You know, fine points in a semantics here when officers on the scene asked Mr. Ray mister Reagan to be seated he said, no, he became combative. That's so the cops are they're saying sit down, and he says, no. And then come on come on put your dukes up. They put him in the handcuffs. He didn't wouldn't walk to the patrol car outside. Did he have no bones? No bones. Drag me, I think I think he was they had he was he's gonna fight them. All the way man, really. Debord implies needed assistance. Oh, see they're fine points as a partial US government shutdown hit the two week Mark President Trump and congressional leaders scheduled today to discuss ways to break an impasse, pitting his demand for building a border wall against Democrats. Call for an alternate security measures. There are signs that he's. Cracking on this whole thing. Well,.

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