Seahawks, ABC, NFL discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


Twenty nine of thirty five passing for three hundred yards the fifth fastest quarterback in league history to reach two hundred career touchdown passes as a Seahawks go to an all for the first time since twenty thirteen Jose Ruiz walked in Tom Murphy with the bases loaded in the ninth inning and Seattle wins a walk off match up but with the Chicago White Sox for the second straight night they go for two of the homestead begin their final road trip of the year tomorrow in Pittsburgh Saunders got a big one at home the gold there was gold in stoppage time wrapping up a four to one of the New York red bulls the Los Angeles sparks knocked out the Seattle storm ninety two sixty nine eliminating them from the W. NBA playoffs the Huskies move up a notch or twenty three to twenty two in the latest AP poll the visit a tough B. Y. U. team Saturday be you are you just knocked off U. S. C. the Kurds would up a notch to number nineteen dollars UCLA Saturday night employment sports attentive forty past the hour time are the home of the Huskies co owners comatose time five twelve despite allegations of sexual misconduct against him an F. L. star Antonio brown made his debut with the New England Patriots yesterday. round scoring his first touchdown with the reigning Superbowl champs less than a week after his former fitness trainer Britney Taylor filed a civil lawsuit accusing brown of rape and sexual assault this as sources tell ABC news the former LSU gymnast is preparing to meet with the NFL investigators later today we now know the representatives for brown and Taylor have been discussing a settlement for months ABC news learning that just days before the lawsuit was filed brown refused to settle for two million dollars the source also telling ABC news Taylor unusually asked for over ten million on Friday the thirty one year old who denies the allegations appears to address the claims in this video live streamed from Tom Brady's training facility..

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