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The only reason not to get too excited. I mentioned it earlier. Greg mentioned it again. We haven't heard word one from the Patriots about this. There's been zero link or anything weaking from their organization. You wonder if there's a bill that wants to show the world he can win without Tom. Brady without drafting a veteran quarterback just doing it with the guys they have in house to show that it's all name but who knows these odds are really really big. Though what do you make of the numbers will for me? I understand in could understand. The idea of Bill Belichick just wanting to win with what he has in house to prove a point however when we look at his track record all these ever cared about was winning. And if you want to win you have to ensure that you have the pieces that will allow afford you to do that very thing. Cam Newton is in. I've said this before. I just don't see how they don't go in a choir Cam Newton for all the reasons that nick mentioned. He's the one quarterback that you can go and grab and you don't have to give up anything you can just state your terms. He can agree to it. He can stay his term guys can come to a consensus and make the deal happen for a year. Maybe two but a year and then see what comes of it. So it's a perfect situation for both cam. Newton obviously is not going to happen in Carolina. He's out there other. Quarterbacks targeting sign a Jameis Winston to the saints we look at Cam Newton he is. He's better Jameis Winston and Jameis Winston just got a backup position job. He's not going to get a starting position job unless he goes somewhere and he earns that spot where that location is new. New England. New England is that spot. And I believe that CAM was sue win. He will understand that. Look I might have to take this one on the Chin when it comes to dollars and cents but on the back end. I will be better suited because of the winning. That will correlate to my coming here Greg. I totally get that and Enif from the Patriots perspective. It seems like a no brainer. They already have arguably if not the finished quarterback in the NFL right now but is this a smart move for Cam. Should Cam on this. I think he absolutely should want. There's listen this contract is going to suck for Cam no matter what no no matter what he's whether it's with Jacksonville. The Patriots are the Oakland they get into sweepstakes so they decide they've soured on Derek Carr. This contract is going to be for the least amount of money cam. Newton has earned in a season playing football since he was at Auburn. And so he's just going to have to deal with that art of it. It's GONNA suck. But it is going to be an investment in his future and when you look at the court potential quarterback landscape a year from now. I count a quarter of the teams in the League that might be in the quarterback marketplace next year. Not this off season. When next off season the colts the bears the raiders the steelers the broncos Washington the saints and the niners. They all in theory could be looking for a quarterback next year. Nothing the only way Cam is going to get paid is on his next contract. Not This contract. So if you go to New England rebuild some of your value have the best coaching. You ever had the best offense of system you ever had the most offensive help you ever had an if the Patriots were to sign cam again. I believe Cam right now is better than Brady Brady had them last year. They were twelve and three with the lead with a minute left in the final game of the regular season. This close to a by. The defense isn't going to be markedly worse than last year. If they were to sign cam to me they become third or fourth in the AFC behind the chiefs and the Ravens right there. So yeah I to me for Cam. Take the financial haircut this year at invest in your future for future years. I can't believe I'm advising this but if I were advising I would I've said it before? Five million in New England is worth more than fifteen or twenty million Jacksonville. If you're thinking long term Greg Jennings Yeah. I'm with you one hundred percent and then you have to consider you go to New England. It's your cam doing he's thirty. He'll be thirty one next month and he makes it work. There is not a team that would be on the quarterback market next year. That will say Oh. He went to New England. It should. It's not gonNA work for us. No they're going to say just the opposite men. He wants to New England. He cleaned things up. He was able to win or whatever. The case may be bill belichick made at work. We can make it work like it. This is all positive for Cam Newton if he decides to go down this road because as an older older quarterback in this legal older player in this league. They're not many options. That you're going to have the league's gets younger every single year. And so you have to. You alluded to nick. You GotTa Chalk it up and make an investment. He's smart enough. He's made enough money right now. He can take this year and build back his resume and then go out and handed out in the following year. And see what comes up while. It's hard to convince the guy to do that. Go take less money. Even though you probably think you're worth more is still think it's the right move for Cam. I think it'd be great for Cam. I think it'd be great for the Patriots. I'm going to throw the ball great here because I want some clarity on the reason that I've been reading. Why can't shouldn't come to New England? It's basically like the Patriots. WanNa go with hoyer instead of them because they're familiar with the playbook. Do you think that that is an actual obstacle That can be able to get over or do you think that ballot check that. This playbook is so complicated that you need years of studying it with the New England patriots. You definitely need some time to study that playbook I had opportunity to train with those guys and they worked me out and they took me through some of their plays and I mean it is. It is literally like drawing on a Whiteboard. Different plays weekend and we got. You need time to be an assistant like that. But Cam has been around long enough. He will he would be able to learn that. I still all those according to plan four and a half months until the started the regular season. Plenty of time for both. Can't make a decision if there's one to be made and the Patriots to make one as well fear time for drawing a blank and we'll kick things off with Jeff Prescott still without a long term deal hall of Famer Ladainian Tomlinson. None too happy about it either. Lt saying this should have happened a year ago. Nick the cowboys waiting to give Jack. A deal is blank biopic. It's incredibly short sighted. The Great Marlo. Stanfield the price of the brick. Just keep going up and listen. They don't have the temerity to walk away from deck they're going to sign it and the longer they wait. They waited for Winston. It went up. They waited Goff. It went up if they wait much. Longer Patrick Mahomes GonNa get his deal and everyone thinks that's going to be a record setting deal but then to Shawn Watson is going to get to negotiate with bill. O'brien you'll probably get a third ownership of the franchise so that's a billion dollars in. Just GonNa keep going up up up so I just I for my money. It's myopic either. Draw line in the sand that's actually in concrete and say we're done negotiating on the franchise tag or give him what wanted a year ago. They've done neither so greg I call it myopic shortsighted. Yeah this is.

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