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Join as always by my colleague in coast the one the only pain insider what's the good word not much my friend was a little anti-climactic last evening as we've things off during the baseball playoffs sat down we're going to get a chance to watch their Yankees Lo and behold mother nature had other plans to watch the troy game I watched portions of the troy game did caught some NHL had a small bet on the Dallas Stars realized they couldn't score if there was an empty net but I completely digress from some of my thousand tribulations at the sports betting counter will NFL action to talk about that we do a very competitive board by NFL standard only two spreads on the docket with touchdowns where their teams favored by more than seven points neither game we'll hit our power five that will break down on today's show came before we get into some of the Games and want to get your quick thoughts and takeaways on Green Bay is win against Detroit on Monday night we have another winner to announce in the bet the board okay football free role yes we do I don't know his name but he goes by the twitter handle of jets fan nineteen eighty four so that is the NFL we six five K. contest winner at jet's fin one thousand nine hundred so congrats to him when we look at Monday night's game and I know we talked about at great length about hey how the market had moved a lot of people were skeptical that the lions should be powerade it as what they were when you look at that number ultimately close did you see or learn anything from either of those teams as they looked revive for NFC North on I thought we would the game played out exactly how I thought it honestly and I think Detroit again was very unlucky go to win that game and we can obviously I wanNA talk about the rafts but that was the reason ultimately Detroit lost that game three crucial on calls that impacted that game at the most crucial points you now you can't give Aaron Rodgers multiple opportunities and that's what the officials did too dont I thought Matt Patricia whether it was him or whoever he's hired to challenge things had a massive snafu because even the offensive pass interference isn't called it's in a spot in the game where even if it's a coin flip you have to call it you have to throw the flag you have to get it reviewed just based on the situation the time left how many timeout you had remaining which was all three at that point so wouldn't have been a massive issue if you were to lose it but I don't think you would have lost so I think those three situations impacted the game greatly we got we expect it right we talked on Monday night football get the ground game going a little bit used play action off of it get dj rockets it involved all those things happen Hawkins drops a frigging touchdown the very first part of the game that you get your little lot flea flicker there the play action element and savage who discussed being out at safety they attacked his replacement immediately over the over the middle of field so I Detroit's windblown some games this year they haven't been able to finish I think they're very good team I'm I'm satisfied where I have them powerade it actually took them up half a tick and Green Bay winning games that just kind of put it that way but as we've seen it's a game we'll talk about market doesn't really respect them again for the second straight week yeah we'll have a little bit more on the packers they play host to the Oakland raiders later on in the show and you mentioned the officiating still think Detroit's got to be better with red zone efficiency kicked five field goals and expect to go on the road and win in the division but there's no doubt that had zebras had different plans for that particular football game to try might have gotten out of dodge with other victory yet they continue to be point spread darlings when they take on the Green Bay packers let's get into the Games for Sunday pain we can start at Lucas oil stadium we're we're looking at Indianapolis a modest one point home favourite total in this game forty seven at Fox but of course to Houston Texans have been dynamic of late F one four out of their last five covered the last four have a little bit of playoff revenge on their minds for a game that they were dominated by Andrew Luck in company to the tune of twenty one seven season ago and in a unique scheduling quirk or call it what you will both teams actually enter Sunday's game fresh off a victory against the Kansas City chiefs interesting did not know that why Chins I didn't know I didn't really realize that listen I think when we look at this matchup we look at this game we're starting to see what the Texans offense has the potential to be right with a little help up front we've kind of seen flashes the last few seasons of you know in the lead offense when it's healthy Wendy Shawn Watson has it rolling and he's confident is a passer which you look the last two weeks Houston's had the best pass protection in the Watson air and I think that's pretty important moving forward the ground game has also been on fire something that the Houston Texans could not do last year was run the ball consistently would fizzle out constantly in the red zone and it's because I think they found some consistency upfront finally right you found your five guys as the talent is playing spots I think that suit them best in you're looking through the last two weeks eight pressures fifty six percent of runs of grades so now let's see if that continues because it's it's it's a two-game sample it's a byproduct of probably facing the chiefs and Falcons defenses and I think also the right is Howard injury at right tackle could shake up some of that piece of this that I've kind of been alluding to their other thing in this match up that's kind of caught my attention and it kind of is a a broader point a topic that we've discussed Ad Nauseam ruin knows at this point we liked the coach's coaching staff of the colts were not fond of it for the Houston Texans and I think coaching tends to matter when the opponent is familiar and everybody kind of knows what each other wants to do and it's the coaching staff that comes out and has the power Henschel or ability to make adjustments and make changes and I think the team that does that rise probably the colts and you look last season these guys play each other three times in the I meeting which was the first time Frank Reich saw this team Shawn Watson has seven point one yards per pass in week four that number tumbles to five point three per pass in week fourteen and then you had the quick turnaround Wildcard Game Watson was held a four point two yard pass at home and I think that's interesting it's something that you have to talk about here there's another element play and it's one we've talked about I think we talked about it on the Monday night breakdown of the new CBA about home teams coming off the bye and they generally haven't performed overly well it's you know about forty one percent of the time they're covering think it's positive if you've done some reading this week Frank Reich iterative that this was not a time to vacation that this was rest recover and mentally focused on the bye week there was no vacation time no one was allowed to travel so it would make me nervous in a pick em game choosing bill over Frank Reich and you know it just it that becomes magnified when you have two weeks the game plan I think the other thing here is the I'd like your take on this but I think the bye week actually helps at least defensively for the colts right you get dairies Leonard back you'd get gathers back early cooker is project says he's returning to practice today and a few hours actually I'm told so the meniscus clean up that was supposed to be amount four to six weeks I think Sunday is the four week mark exactly in that situations odd right like doctors told him he couldn't do any further and should we actually went back out in finish the Atlanta game where the injury initially happened I think he wants to play this week so I think that's that's slate huge get back to ball sheared came back before the bye week so you got four starters that should really be fully engaged this week if the colts are able to hold their own on this side of the ball it's pretty obvious right there you've got to stop the run and that's something they did well last season it's something they did well before the by against Casey that held the chiefs a two point six carry I think it's because they probably hold the Shawn Watson in check they don't allow him to beat them with explosive passes right and you'll go watson fourth-best deep ball in terms of adjusted accuracy percentage among qualifying quarterback so I think you make Watson Dinkum Dunk his way like act shortly down the field right and then you gotta bring pressure last year that was something the colts did very well seventy two pressures twelve sacks in the three meetings those things have to happen to the colts Davidge fancier when you look at it and I know it's not an apples to apples comparison but wanted to get your take the colts having played Patrick mahomes going into the by the skill sets aren't exactly the same against watching you think they employees similar game plan they go hey we're going to keep everything in front of us and forced the Texans as you alluded to put together long methodical drives rather than allowing the will fuller's the world to get behind them let de Dion Jerry Hopkins operate underneath go hey you're going to pick up sixty yards that's fine but we're going to keep everything in front of it enforce you to play a game at our pace in our TEMPA that was one thing we kind of talked about a little bit that's what this colts coaching staff is so good at right they game plan for opponents actually against Kansas City went man and that's something that they did not do last year they were the most heavy zone team in the NFL and we played man like twenty three percent of the time lesser that's why everyone is raving about what the colts did because they went in there to Kansas City like oranges on we never do and play man I think when you look at what the culture probably going to do here defense Wli I would expect probably a little more zone coverage back to what they usually are back to what their DNA is as a defender Matt Alber Flus especially when you have this Texans offense where you're like hey don't be steep don't beat us with the explosive keep everything underneath make to Sean be accurate and go on these ten eleven twelve play drives or side of the ball we look at the colts you gobi percent not nearly the same deep thrower they Andrew Luck is obviously that's not exactly a earth-shattering observation we know t y Hilton has torment did this Houston secondary in the past not quite sure that'll be on the table this week but you look at what Houston is dealing with some second members of the secondary banged up dealing with hamstring injuries the Robie going to be out Jonathan Joseph a little limited but the colts success has been predicated on their ability to run the football do you think they'll be able to find success utilizing Marlin MAC running between the tackles opening up some passing lanes Jacoby percent in this match up the offensive line has to dominate for the colts. I it's as simple as that right whether it's impasse protection whether it's on the ground I think the Culture GonNa win this game then aligns got to be dominant they got to be able to run the ball it I think Marlin mack who was dealing with some lower body injuries pre by he's now healthy and Frank Reich came out this weekend's officially said it's time to ride the horse so I would expect some some heavy doses of of the ground game here you look at Indianapolis through six weeks number two inrushing success it's seven percent better than league average and I think right does a really good job helping the ground attack right by the formations by his play calling the entire world knows the colts have a great offensive line and in one run it with Mac right the culture the fifth most run heavy team in the NFL..

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