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That you guys were sharing. But i think. I heard you talk about peter maroshek And i don't know if he were complementary or a colonel for that matter But was this a like a a deal that the toronto maple leafs can live with. Did they get better and placing freddie anderson with mirotic. You know what was your assessment. What is your assessment. They had three point. Eight million dollars to spend obviously like they. They weren't going to spend five million dollars on a goal. They don't have the cap space. So in acquiring neurotic to play him in tandem with jack campbell. I think a couple of things are clear one is there is not a standalone number. One goalie this is going to require some coaching and gut feel from sheldon kennedy or sheldon. Keefe rather i'm sorry sheldon. Keefe and steve briere the goalie coach to try and figure out. Who's the best guy at this moment. i think they're both gonna be the starter at some point. I think they'll both cool off at some point. You have to hope. It's not at the same time. I've known peter muratovic along time played american hockey league when a calder cup and grand rapids in the detroit system. He can run hot like when he gets hot and he can play. He's energetic is enthusiastic. But he's loose in the goal. When you're an acrobatic goaltender. There were times when whole spring up and and they're always is with peter eventually. But that's what you got jack campbell for the guy the guy that's gonna be the starter is campbell. Okay but what does that mean yet. That doesn't mean fifty five games. No it means you're the starter for game one and he's gonna play game to and you might play three and four and he's gonna play five and i think it becomes almost a fifty fifty split. Here's the thing jack campbell dregs. I've used this example before. I scored forty goals twice. I was not a forty goal score. I had career years. Those were there cold career years for a reason. Maybe last year for jack campbell. That was a career year if he stops the puck like this all the time. He's one of the ten best goalies in the league. I'm not ready to go there with campbell. I think they're going to have to massage the goal tending position. I don't think they're better. I don't think they're necessarily worse. But this is the deal. They had to make because they had to have a cap limit on what they were gonna pay their goal tending. They're talking about another forward to proven guy right Because they didn't do that with with the four forward assets that they brought in on wednesday. Is it crucial that they do that. And what type of player are we talking about here because you're not replacing zakheim with with what you brought in. All the bunting you know was interesting ad. I think he's going to be interesting. But you know are the art. Is this team. I can't be better. I don't think given what they lost but are they good enough okay. They're good enough. For.

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