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Seventy five degrees at eleven three. I'm Louis top stories tonight. Plano and other fire departments in Collin county. Assisting, Princeton with a has met situation, fifty five gallon drums of some potentially toxic substance was found in a vacant home now. They don't know that it's hazardous, but the has Matt teams were called in just as a precaution so far. No injuries have been reported. The medical examiner says a man shot by Fort Worth police over the weekend actually shot himself in the head the medical examiner ruled that Jacobean slate and shot himself. But they could not tell if it was intentional or accidental, they also found he had gunshot wounds to the head neck chest and shoulder. And that all wounds were potentially fatal Fort Worth police shot Slayton last Sunday. They played body camera footage of officers arresting another suspect during the same call straight that our officers were not on a mission to take anyone's life that day. Interim chief, Ed corral showed footage of the shooting. Itself. He says he hopes that will help restore trust in the community. We're actually out a lot quicker on this case than many cases we have their interest in the community about this, that we wanted to come out Krause's says police have been called the same house, four times and Slayton had outstanding felony warrants. Austin York, NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD and you can view that body Cam video on our website. Checkout, KRLD dot com, the process of removing that crane that crashed into an old east, Dallas apartment building over the weekend will begin this weekend or possibly Monday. The company that runs the apartment complex say they will be hiring movers to pack up belongings for nearly five hundred renters who were in the building, which is no longer habitable. Now traffic.

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