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The g twenty summit he'll have his first facetoface meeting with russia's vladimir putin tomorrow cbs's margaret brennan is traveling with the president the threats posed by north korea will be a topic when president trump and putin meet tomorrow there also going to discuss a us proposal to collaborate with with russia to end the bloody war in syria a spokesman for the nuclear energy institute says none of the countries ninety nine operating nuclear plant has reported a cyber intrusion to regulators that in response to a new york times story that says hackers have been penetrating the computer networks of companies that operate new clear power stations and other energy facilities since may at the request of the fda drug manufacturers pulling its painkiller off the market the drug is opecna er prescribed for patients with severe constant pain but it's also turned out to be a favorite with drug abusers who i favored crushing and snorting it to get high then be again injecting it instead the opioid was blamed for scores of overdoses and two years ago an outbreak of hiv and hepatitis c in southern indiana linked to shared needles last month the fda asked the drug's maker to stop selling o'paddy er irelandbased endo now says it will pull the drug from the market and work with the fda to help patients find alternative treatments deborah rodriguez cbs news to companies with shopping shows are joining forces cbs' jason brooks reports rivals qvc and home shopping network are teaming up qvc owner liberty interactive already owns thirty eight percent of home shopping network and his buying the rest for a two point six billion dollars in a stock deal liberty is hoping by perry up the company will fare better against amazon has more consumers spend money online qvc says the combined company will ship more.

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