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Francisco. A Cumulus station. Now on Amazon, Alexa, open the cagey. Oh, eight ten scale. Multiple murderer in Chicago suing the president. I'm Elliot Francis. Four people are dead including the gunman after a shooting at Chicago's mercy hospital. Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson talked about Samuel Jimenez, the officer who was killed who's officer from the second district. Came on in February of two thousand seventeen. He and his partner were actually. Doing something else responded to the office officer needs assistance. Call Naple it up. They heard gunshots and they did with the heroic officers. Always do they ran towards their gunfire to hospital employees killed were doctor at a pharmacy. Assistant. All the heavy rains in the forecast. The search for victims of the northern California wildfire has been stepped up with many people still unaccounted for that blaze, which is two-thirds contained destroyed. More than twelve thousand homes and businesses left seventy nine people dead right now. Seven hundred are still missing Capitol Hill. Democrats are taking the president to court over his appointment of acting attorney general Matt Whitaker. Linda Kenyon, tells more senators Richard Blumenthal, Sheldon Whitehouse in maisy Hirano have filed a lawsuit. The challenges the Whitaker appointment on constitutional grounds. They say the constitution requires principal federal officers to be appointed only with the senate's advice and consent Whittaker as acting attorney general is considered a principal. Federal officer Whitaker had been serving as chief of staff to now former attorney general Jeff Sessions, but that position did not require Senate confirmation, the standard line of succession would have been for deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein for the position, but President Trump instead bypassed Rosenstein, the man who was overseeing the Muller probe. Linda Kenyon, Washington. The White House has restored the security access was CNN reporter, Joe Mukasa. White House press office notes a Kosta will have to follow the decorum of White House, including one question for reporter on a follow up on approved. I'm Elliot Francis. Hey you. How would I in express wants to let you in on a little.

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