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I have with me my co hosts, Sophie, hey, Sophie, hey, Kelly. I'm really excited about tonight. And we have with us today, Susie turn bull who is the democratic nominee for Lieutenant governor in Maryland. Hi Suzy. Hi, great. Stay with you both. Yeah, thanks so much for joining us. Let's just jump in with. Can we ask you a little bit about your background? I know you have a long history with the Democratic Party and how you got into this race or when I, the two of you up and I saw that you're from the mid west. I thought you would wanna know that I really started in politics in Ohio. I'm a girl from the midwest to, and I grew up in Cleveland heights. Ohio went to go on the at the university of Cincinnati, and I got involved in politics and unusual way. In some respects, I was an intern for natty city council when Jerry Springer was a city council member, and I worked with Jerry really crazy, and but it was it was a great time. It was during the at Phnom war war. Protests. There were also issues like clean air and clean water recycling with starting in. So I got in pretty much on the issue ended in politics and was very excited to do that. I moved to Maryland to go to graduate school of university of Maryland, and shortly after I got here, I went to work for Howard Metzenbaum who was a United States Senator from Ohio and was a great congressional of and a great wonderful Senator. And after number of years, I worked on the hill and didn't lots of things. And then I was a lobbyists of city of Toledo before years and and worked on politics from a different angle because it was really helping people and helping the city get federal funding and making government more sensible, the people that was something really important to me, and it was my background, my academic background too. So when I started raise family and saw what was happening Roque Lee and and in Maryland, I walked into a campaign office, pushing a stroller, and I was pregnant at the time and said, I'm here to help. I don't like the Republican candidate at that time for congress and I wanna help you guys. I'm going to be taking some time off when my baby's born and I'm here to help and they looked at me pushing grower eight months pregnant and saying, oh, wait, sure you're going to do that. And I said, no, really? I I will have some time and I help schedule the congressman and got involved in. I never walked away in Maryland. I've been involved for thirty six years and that thirty six year old baby. The thirty eight year old has two babies of his own and in six thirty six year old one has one too. So it's been a long one. Threats. I got involved in this campaign after years, working in the Democratic Party, and and I'm national organizations because in two thousand eighteen women have, do the women have to stand up in step up and speak out for what is right, and what is important, whether whether you get involved because you don't, you're concerned about gun safety, whether you get involved because you're concerned about world, whether you're you get involved because you're carrying about healthcare. There is a place for everyone right now just stand up in beak out and to get engaged. So when I met then jealous who was a candidate for governor last year and we sat down and talked about college affordability and fully funding our schools and healthcare class. There was no way I was gonna say. No, it was clearly something that I wanted to do at a time when women were stepping up across our country. So I am trying to understand a little bit about Maryland and how Maryland sort of ended up with a Republican governors. So we think of Maryland is such a very blue place than the congressional representation from Maryland is overwhelmingly democrat, and the state house in the state Senate are supermajority democrat, and yet there's a Republican governor. I live in Illinois, which has the same oddity, but. Not quite as democratic as Maryland. So what do you think are some of the issues that people are thinking about when the voting and what are the.

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