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Special treatment Judicial Watch obtaining released two hundred eighteen pages of emails between Peter Struck and Lisa page struck, of course, lit up the investigation into Trump Russia collusion, as well as into Hillary Clinton's emails, many of the emails have to do at the bureau's investigation into Hillary Clinton's private E mail server. The Email is also involved discussions, about so-called three o two's reports, written by the FBI after witness interviews in one Email page curiously acknowledged that four such three reports relating to the Clinton investigation had never been written. She didn't say why. There have been previous concerns about missing investigative material related to the Clinton case in two thousand sixteen Fox News, reported the two banker boxes of Clinton emails, went missing during the investigation. Emails also show, then FBI general counsel James Baker wrote that he spoke with Clinton's lawyer, David Kendall, and promise the FBI would work to hand over a copy from Clinton's interview, expeditiously emails show, ficials, discussing how to appropriately handle the request with one official suggested the FDA process it in a way consistent with other requests, instead they decided to expedite and get the materials to Hillary Clinton's. Lawyer there lot of questions that are still out there and open about the Hillary Clinton investigation about the Trump Russia collusion investigation. I think some of those questions will be answered by the inspector general report from Michael Horowitz inside the DOJ. I'm very much looking forward to seeing those facts come out, I think everyone of Goodhart should be at this point. Coming up. We're gonna talk about the economy, which seems to be stalling out which could be a serious danger for President Trump. We'll talk about that in a second. First communication in a marriage is key. If we're honest, some things are difficult to discuss with our spouse or anyone for that matter. One of those things is, of course, sex, even though fifty two percent of dudes over the age of forty and twenty six percents under four. Forty.

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