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Let's catch It's late. He wanted his milk. And then now I'm like, Oh, okay, I get it now. So, yeah, He's got a couple of things going on that they do doesn't He doesn't call you Mama are mommy or whatever The Spanish version of that is he just calls you milk base? Yeah, Yeah, yeah, All right, And I'm sure he speaks him in Spanish local time. And he's like, No, I don't. This woman is speaking to me in something that is now my second. Correct. Don don Lexus. Basically this Lexus, basically the Schwan's woman to Zen. The ice cream truck. You don't like the ice cream? Alright. Gotta keep take care of all day. Go away with your delivery and then go away. I don't know you. Yeah. Bye for eight months. I was your late J. That's right. Oh, Baba do that. I don't think so. Baba can't do no, no. Oh, yeah. Then, are you there? Oh, Okay. Okay. Hold on going. I know. Come on stuff us. Oh, really? Then we're wondering. Have you seen Mama lately? Okay. Mama, can you say Mama? No. Say no Say my mind say did say, Mama. Oh, good lady Jaye. Oh, relax. You're like the milk lady Aml. Oh, legs. Laws visiting. Oh, nice..

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