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Hannity, you missed the force or try to force and pressure and attorney General, the chief law enforcement officer. In the country to violate the law to accommodate whatever sick political agenda they have, Uh, you you cannot ask the attorney general of the United States to break the law. Now They want some of this supporting materials released, so apparently there was some type of agreement. That had been reached there between the House Judiciary Committee and so the criminal contempt thing is not gonna happen, and that's not going forward. Then. All right, so they've been trying to call everybody back. Everybody that already testified before the House committee before the bipartisan Senate Committee on before Mueller. If you look at the amount of materials that were sent over, let's just start with the White House. The president allowed every single person That was requested to testify before any of these committees meeting the House investigation. The bipartisan Senate investigation then Mueller's investigation. Everyone that worked in the Trump White House. Not one person was told not to cooperate, just the opposite. They were all given permission and encouraged to testify. Frankly, it was unprecedented that they even allowed the White House counsel the time Don began to testify before Mueller for 30 hours. That's insanity. There's there's got to be on line in the sand somewhere. They sent over 1.5 million pages of documents of documents to the Special counsel's office. You know that that one time during this process that the president who had the right To invoke executive privilege. Did he ever invoke executive privilege. Senate. Intel had their own investigation, the House had their investigation. And they conducted scores of transcribed interviews. And by the way, we're waiting to get some of these closed door interviews released, we could know more about the deep state What happened and who did what When and where. And who said what, When and where. And You know, not watching these deep state actors all turn on each other's is getting interesting. So you had all of all of these investigations that have gone on repeatedly. And they've come up with nothing. And they're not going to come up with anything. That's that's the problem. And when you look at the law as it is As as it is written. You know, there's only so many times that You're gonna cooperate before it becomes abuse of their power. Sean Hannity weekdays noon to three PM on one on 1.5 FM 7:20 a.m. k d tell U N But talk of Las Vegas and Cape Amount The opinions of the hosts on Katie tell you when are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of this station. It's management or be easily media group..

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