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Yeah well you know. I'm good for exploiting their workers. Skirts definitely so ubereats as well. All the Uber. So we appreciate That sex workers are real workers and And some of the most inventive people on Earth. And so we're excited to have you here. Lucky Devil eats. And we're going to talk more about your story by the way. Thank you Michael Donnelly. I'M GONNA look at facebook because I communicate with Michael on facebook because Michael is the one who turned me on to Blueberries yeah when it was called that before. Ubereats got all jealous. So now it's blueberries are now now. It's lucky devil eats And and so. We're excited to to talk with them about how they turned a bad thing. Which is sex workers WHO CAN'T WORK STRIP CLUBS? They can't open and a government that doesn't relieve them into a good thing at least a livable thing. And that is this state of this this this food delivery with sexy hoops food. Yes livery with boobs yes indeed and here have a few pictures of them. And they're opening up the car and come out they shake their titties and they give you chicken or a Burger or pizza. I guess or I'm great. Scott goes there. You are talked really. I love that you your offer. Tacos beer beer now until. Oh Dear.

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