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And welcome to poke the bear episode 82. The old Trent Frederick. The tread Frederick beating that bag out of Brandon tanev episode. I am ski. That is Connor Ryan Connor, what is up? Evan. I'm okay. How are you doing? Okay, only okay. What's the, it's a slow news day. So we're really going to be scrapping the bottom of the barrel here to get you guys some content for tonight's episode. So just okay. Just okay. Yeah. Not a lot to talk about today. And what's funny is all these things came out mid game and like a second. In the second period, I was actually doing work for NCAA dot com. Actually, I was in charge. They put me in charge for the night, which is bananas. And I was just kind of taking a look at Twitter they're in the game, taking a little break, and I saw the rask news. And I said, oh boy, mid game. Not great. Mid game. Yeah, that is a quite the time for that news to drop. Now granted, I was reported by fluid ocean salad the athletic. It's not like he's like, oh, I'm gonna wait till the end of the game. That's just a good wait. But you know so we'll jump right into it because this was gonna take up the first portion of today's show. I'm not shocked by it, and I'll tell you why I'm not shocked by it. The reason I'm not shocked by it is because it felt like when he, when swimming got called up to back to Boston when they were out west. Didn't you have that feeling like something's a little off? Something's off here. Is that the same feeling you got? Yeah. More or less. Not that I thought retirement is going to be at the top of the list, but it's not something where even with just a nagging thing where you or you're shaking the rust off. I still thought going into it. We talked about on brune's beat about our predictions that was going to get maybe 5 starts over this next kind of stretch here. You end up being right. He will pray at 5 sides, right? But did not expect it to be, again, a red flag in terms of retirement, but definitely sometimes worth monitoring because something that did seem off even when swinging first got called up. Yeah, and that was the thing. And I think, you know, again, he's not spoken. The bruins haven't said much about this yet, casty kind of said he'll leave that up to rask. But in his, from rask's perspective you're to think he's 34. He was probably playing against in the gaming as the ducks or the jets. And afterwards he sort of started to feel that pain. And he was like, you know what? Maybe this isn't as good. Remember after the Philly game, it was I feel great. You know, I felt great out there. I think this was more of a, I tweet something. I don't feel great. Why am I doing this? I was retired. What is the point to this?.

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