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Say the Humane Society red carpets if you don't have here all of you you were just not cool you know to me I never heard that before yeah yeah I rest and I believe animals are healers in teacher she taught you anything I don't know I have I haven't had it for that long but I mean maybe he will you open yourself up I guarantee you should get especially Jack Russell Jack Russells he's only he's got me to be patient yeah how to have a lot of patience today yeah I was going to school and every time every like five minutes you want to go and go to the bathroom yeah she was just working you Jack Russells are so small she was he was is always working thank you so much for joining us on my freedom with your project have a nice night what a huge array of gas today they're young Disney stars seasoned veterans many who have supported HSUS for years and and some brand new to the animal scene want to thank each one for their voices out there in the world and for joining us here on a super smiley adventure what a beautiful night at paramount studios and the biggest thank you of course is to the Humane Society of the United States your work is absolutely unprecedented and we are so thankful that you are here thank you H. S. U. S. and before we go I want to invite all of you to help super smiley me share kindness around the world you can do that by posting or sharing our kindness documentaries you can find the right kind of spells dot com and you can find us on Facebook and all of our contact info.

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