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And he's only one of forty five so in our country's history is only one of forty fives i'll i'll i'll give him i'll give him the not turning well he would have been turning ninety one day he passed away in august of last year it was jerry lewis is birthday jesse had a telephone oh jerry's kids right jerry lewis telethon from nineteen sixty six till twenty ten he was about was he like risen money for that's a good question i don't have the answer to he was a here's an actor before one of the history's greatest comedy teams with dean martin lifetime achievement awards from the la association they're loses dope he was he was i would say he's better than i am i'll give i'll give them that turn it thirtyseven today the grand demand can curtis granderson but yeah yankees mets he's thirty seven dude can hit bombs as thirtyseven he's been around awhile man i don't know he was thirty seven yourself man good skin care and everything looking young for money will do to you so you'd better numb i'm gonna give it to curtis granderson turning forty seven today he's an actor you might recognize him as steve the pirate from dodgeball it's alan birthday half say his name very carefully otherwise we'd have to dump it not better i don't even know who he is minimal watching of movies but i'm i'm i'm no no no i am confident if he and i walked into a walmart tonight more people would notice me then they would notice alec tunic to the twoday allenton no allen tunic would be known as steve the pirate from dodgeball people would see them people wouldn't recognize him dodgeball he voiced characters and frozen record ralph big hero six utopia rogue one and the ice age series he acted in light of you live acted in knocked up pretend to huma underdogs are dodgeball underdog story yeah no i would i was gonna say he's more noted for his voice acting and he's very he's one of the most notorious votes that voice actress iowa i'd probably go with him know how if we walked to the walmart together he didn't say anything i don't say anything people go look at me go i know this guy are they talking about me all right but is it is it is it are you famous or is it are you better.

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