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He earned they would hold it four hugh and then you could go and take it out it's a safe deposit box bait and you go take it out and then eventually checks came along and so instead of taking money in using it you could write a check on iou in effect that the bank might make good on and that system grew then credit cards came along that were basically completely separate from the bank you transfer bits of money out of the bank into the credit card as you paid the credit card and then transfer stuff from the critic this is a kind of a crazy system the grew like topsy over a century or two that doesn't really make any sense in the modern age where you don't have pot stuff piles of cash to bring to the bank you all you have is pets it is it as fair save to count out walmart in this stuff because i don't think so i think pretty dagang powerful in everybody shops there i don't care how much money don't make or how much money you do make you shop at walmart for whatever reason in there they're always trying to to figure out a way to keep you coming back and didn't you mentioned this stuff about the the walmart pay and their little checking a ideas and what not and i wouldn't count him out we really thought went apple created apple pay that the next step was for apple was to create a bank that i think a lot of us thought oh that's apple's longterm goal i think they didn't maybe for regulatory reasons not because they didn't think about this i'm sure the minute if walmart hadden already been thinking about it as soon as they saw this headline in the wall street journal they said oh yeah we gotta do that because anything amazon does walmart scott again got to compete against warmer it's been in this game for a long time in fact their employees used to be able to exchange your paycheck for goods and services of walmart ah y'all la sold to the go but who stole yeah exactly.

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