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Hot with daytime highs near eighty eight to eighty nine degrees from Caroline I witness news a meteorologist Chris interpreting thanks so much security triple team traffic I think we got a problem down by the attractions I. four westbound at world drive and it looks like it's the offramp that's currently shut down there was a crash that had the offer if closed but I see some cards even trying to get back on I four so if you plan on exiting of world drive I would get off at one ninety two instead and you start to head down to the area if you plan to exit there you might want to bypass that to make your way to the four twenty nine I. four eastbound slow through Paul county to champions gate you've got the laser Kaylee up to arrive in our part of for thirty six percent earlier crashes just cleared a westbound delays at four thirty six Fairbanks to colonial then OB TV Conroy for seventeen pass the four twenty nine so clear to crash sand lake at Turkey lake red carpet service every time the luxury moving company you can trust Gulfstream van lines Gulfstream van lines dot com eight hundred five oh eight zero five four one with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning for helping you get to work on time I'm Jacki o'brien news ninety six point five W. D. BO yeah the data show on news ninety six point five W. DPO Orlando's news and saucers companies have waive co pays on testing testing of agreed to extend coverage for treatment so that is the vice president Mike pence who is detail and I like.

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